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Kegerators are also on offer, marrying the advantages of the kegs for sale and refrigerators that can be used as makeshift keg coolers. Kegerators are either specialized machines or normal refrigerators retrofitted with the users' choice of kegerator kits available. They keep beer cold while providing a way for them to be accessed on-demand via specialized outlets called a keg tap.

Find a wide selection of wholesale used oak barrels here at Alibaba.com! usedak barrels are metal barrels that contain refreshing drinks – usually carbonated – like nitro coffee, beer, and others. They store the drinks under pressure using carbon dioxide, keeping these drinks fresh for days or even weeks at a time. They are economical, saving business establishments significant amounts of space which can translate directly into maximized profits. Kegerators on the other hand, marry the good qualities of a refrigerator and a keg. They keep drinks cold while at the same time provide a way for easy access.