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the machine is widely used in blanching chicken feet in slaughtering line. Using the machine together with chicken feet peeling machine will be more efficiency. The machine working together with net blanching machine will be more efficiency.

Machine breaking caused by machine itself design defect , we are responsible for it . We can do our best to send machine to your port safe and sound . 3 ) About payment term for our FuRuida Machinery Factory Currently, in order to protect you and us rights .

Chicken Processing Equipment For Slaughter (1)Full set slaughtering line (2)Material:301,304 satinless steel (3)Use: for poultry(chicken,duck,goose etc) (4)Automatic system (5)Save time,easy operation Slaughtering Equipment Specification Capacity: 1000~12000 chicken/h ;500~5000 ducks/h; 500~3000 gooses/h Feather plucking rate: chicken more than 98%; ducks more than 98% ; gooses more than 98% The livestock body breakage: chicken :less than 1%; ducks :less than 1%;gooses :less than 1% Center of carcass Temperature after precooled: less than 7% Water consumption: 1.5 — 5m3 /tens of livestock Steam consumption: 500 — 2000kg /h The installed capacity:80~300 kw Our factory stock Bank slip

3. The whole set of chicken feet/paw peeling machine are made of superior stainless steel. Chicken feet peeling machine Advantage 1) This chicken feet peeling machine is made of stainless steel. 4) The chicken feet peeling machine can remove the nails of the chicken,too.

It is mainly composed of press roller, flat die, feeder, gear bearings and power source. There are 4 types of flat die pellet mills: electric pellet mill, diesel engine pellet mill, PTO pellet mill and gasoline pellet mill. Depending on the usage of pellets, flat die pellet mill can be divided into biomass pellet mill and feed pellet mill.

The fixation clamp can prevent feed pan swinging, so as to keep feed at the center of feed pan. c. The pan bottom can be disassembled on the ground, which can be used for day-old chicks. d. The supply of dringing system in 360 degree make the chicken can get the water is any angle and the water saved greatly.

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