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it is a ma nufacturing base for hermetic refrigerant compressors co-operated between china and korea . refrigerant compressors are evaluated of HIGH and NEW technology products of jiang su province . air-conditioning series compressors formed complete set with ningboaux , zhejianghuike , huikang .

Key features of the small refrigeration units for trucks: 1.Streamlined appearance, looks beautiful and generous 2.Internal super-thin evaporator of the small refrigeration units for trucks, significantly increases the container’s loading capacity. Standard configuration of the small refrigeration units for trucks: 1.HFC R404A environmental-protection refrigerants 2.Multifunction operating panel 3.Ultra-thin evaporator 4.Heating defrost system 5.12V or 24V operating voltage 6.Oil separator III. Operating control subassembly of the small refrigeration units for trucks: 1.Microcomputer control system 2.Auto/hand defrost 3.Digital display 4.Fahrenheit or celsius display seting point temperature and return air temperature, seting date parameters and alarm. IV.

15HP Widely used warehouse refrigeration unit for chiller equipment Related Products. Application Scope Project Refrigerant R22 R134a R404A R407c Evaporating Temperature -30~+12.5℃ -30~+12.5℃ -30~+7.5℃ -25~-5℃ Condensing Temperature 30 ~ 45℃ (water-cooled); 30 ~ 50℃ (air-cooled) Maximum Pressure Difference 1.83MPa Maximum Compression Ratio 18 Maximum Discharge Temperature 135℃(Exhaust Pipe of the Surface) Suction Superheat Min:10℃,Max:superheat temperature when exhaust temperature under 135℃ can be ensured Maximum Oil Temperature 80 ℃ Power 380V 3N~50Hz Motor Temperature Under 105℃ Refrigerating Oil 3GS SL32S Maximum Ambient Temperature 43℃ Scope of evaporating temperature can be seen in Refrigeration Capcaity Table Production process Application Jiangsu Taixing Jingchuang Penguin Refrigeration Equipment Manufactory (JC PENGUIN) was established in 1992 , we are an enterprise specializing in the development and production of refrigerating compressors and related condensing units. The main products range from semi-hermetic Piston refrigerating compressors to scroll and screw refrigerating compressors and related condensing units that have extensively been applied into freezing & cold storage, large refrigerated warehouse in the industry of Chemical, Refinery, Pharmaceutical, Restaurant, Supermarket, Factory workshop and Food.

PHE UNIT On absorbing foreign advanced technology, SUCCESS PHE units integrate the heat exchanger, water pump, value, control system as a whole, and with the characteristics of compact, small space, high degree of automation, easy installation,which enjoy great popularity among our customers. THE PARTS OF SUCCESS PHE Delicate design world leading thermal engineering software, heat recovery rate achieve 95% or more, energy loss can be reduced by more than 20%. Refining process advanced equipments, scientific management system, reliable unit operation, low maintenance cost Compact structure saving the floor area and investment capital.

3. Heat exchanger made from high performance inner grooved tube aluminum fins, high efficiency heat transfer. 4. Famous refrigeration parts and fan motor, high reliability and long life. 6. The units has a protection of over loading , sub-heating , pressure etc.

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About products and suppliers:
used refrigeration units are important sets of equipment for commercial uses and aid in a host of distinct purposes. These used refrigeration units are specifically made to cut down on energy costs and act as efficient exchangers of heat and cooling effects on distinct processes. The used refrigeration units at Alibaba.com are some of the finest products available and come with powerful motors to make the entire process way productive.

The numerous variety of used refrigeration units models available on the site are tested and verified by the leading suppliers and wholesalers who can ensure quality and optimal working conditions of the products. These used refrigeration units are highly resistant against varied temperatures, free from any kind of corrosion and can efficiently transfer heat to colder surfaces or vice versa. The metal series present in the used refrigeration units are of the finest quality and make the entire transfer series more superior.

Alibaba.com offers these unique and productive used refrigeration units at very affordable prices that make it possible for every type of consumer to access them. These products come with long working life and hence, are perfect for commercial uses in factories. These used refrigeration units are available in various types of structures such as plates, shells and tubes along with distinct voltage capacities ranging from 220V to 380 V. Most of the common uses of these used refrigeration units are in hotels, garment shops and material building shops.

Explore the wide ranges of used refrigeration units at Alibaba.com and avoid wasting money on overpriced products. You can go for OEM or ODM orders on requests along with customized packaging facilities. The certifications these products hold are CE, ISO, CCC and RoHS.