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        Q: What is a generator and why is it used?
A: Probably every one is a scam .  When you complete a survey the creator/poster gets a little bit of cash .  I did not know exactly what your speak about but I assume this is any one of thousands of `` free code generators '' who had reportedly get you free 20 Euro/Dollar gift cards for free , or something to that effects .  Let 's set this straight .  You ca n't potentially make a generator unless you 've got the algorithm . Trust me when I say that the manufacturers of these generators have n't got the the algorithm , since most of whom were corporate secrets . If they did and they liberated they would been caught and jails .  Technically you might say the software continues to be a generator , but you ca n't generate codes , it generates random numbers in the shape of a code . 

Q: Why diesel cost more than gasoline?
A: In the US , the crude petroleum 've got a lot of sulphur that winds up in diesel fuel . This 's why diesel automobiles were no popular in North America because of the stench of the fuel hey , is n't the case in Europe where diesel automobiles are popular . During the early ninety 's , the pricing for diesel more than doubled duringnight . This was because the federal government passed the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel requirement so the refineries ha to produce diesel that was low on sulphur . This requirement is are meeting diluting the high sulphur diesel with synthetic diesel made through the Fischer Tropsch process from a mix of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gases called syngas ( Shell 's GTL plant ) . The syngas was currently accruing from natural gas or coal - but this is also accruing from trash , old tyres and drier sewerage . Sandia Labs has building a solar energyed oven to make syng, starting from CO2 and H2O with sunshine .   Diesel costs more now since it 's mainly synthetic so as to meet federal ordinances . However the were deadel engine is twice as efficient as a petrol engine so it are still less expensive to drive a diesel fuel .   Note that the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel requirement transpired after Mercedes liberated their catalytic converter which removed sulphur from the exhaust and commencement a campaign to push diesel into the States , the US automobile producers are not able compete even if they 've already ha diesel automobiles marketed in Europe so they lobbied the government for the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel thus for the removal of perceived added benefit of the catalytic converter , that is when the full page ads for the 1,000 mile range diesel Mercedes ended and the big push by Mercedes into the States halted . 

Q: Are there Generators for Home Use with standby power?
A: They is really worthwhile . If you got the money put in an automated type . If you have natural gas or propane used that for fuel it will save having to fuss with petrol or diesel oil .   I lives in the town but nevertheless have a 5000 watts petrol one I can hook up to the oven , are a few of lights and the freezer . We ha power out for around 1four hours during a ice storm and it co-operated huge . but I ha to maintaining refuelling it every five hours or so .