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        Q: My baby igauana!?!?!?!?
A: ummm   how did you not know , thats like what , 8 missed periods ? !  and did you not notice the nausia , and the weighting and the huge bump .   Anyway you required to buy :  cuboards ( places to store everything its stuff - clothes nappies ect . )  clothes , baby gorws ( longer an short ) , diapers , nappies ,  bottles ( food stuff , not difficult food untill its about 6 months ) 

Q: How many meters is a nanometer?
A: One nanometer is equals to 0.000000001 metre , Therefore , 532 nanometers is equals to 0.000000001 x 532 = 0.000000532 metre , 

Q: What are the practical applications of electromagnetic waves?
A: Electromagnetic waves have a range of usages relying on wavelength . In reduction lengths , categorizations are Radio , Microwave , Infrared Light , Visible Light , Ultraviolet Light , X-ray and Gamma ray waves . Radio waves is typically utilized for wireless communications , because they are greatly innocuous . Microwaves are at the wavelength required to excite a specific element common in edible substances ( I thinks it 's hydrogen , but I could be incorrect ) . This makes that part of the Microwave range useful in heating edible substances , and utilized , in commercial microwaves , through the part therein otherwise known as the Magnetron . Infrared lighting are greatly untapped , as it is emitted per most objets at room temperature . This results within far too much noise to is useful in the majority usages , but does enable for infrared sensitive cameras to seen in the dark . This is most usually useful in military apps , as it enabling soldiers to seen in the dark without subjecting them to issuance of light intensity modifications with light amplification equipment like night vision eyeglasses . Visible lighting is , by definition , the class of wavelengths noticeable in the human eye . Its usages is far too many to name Ultraviolet lighting be harmful to humans ( sunburns , etc ) , but does have a numbers of usages , accordance with wikipedia 's article ( the numbers be mentioned wavelengths , 1nm is 1/1000000000 of a meter ( or 3.28 feet ) : . 230-400 nm : Optical detectors , different instrumentation . 230-365 nm : UV-ID , label track , barcodes . 240-280 nm : Disinfection , dethe pollution of surfacing and water ( DNA absorption has a peak at 260 nm ) . 250-300 nm : Forensic analyzing , drug detection . 270-300 nm : Proteby analyzing , DNA sequence , drug discovery . 280-400 nm : Medical imagery of cells . 300-400 nm : Solid-state light . 300-365 nm : Cucircle of polymers and printer inks . 300-320 nm : Light therapy in medication . 350-370 nm : Bug zappers ( flies are most attracted to lighting at 365 nm ) X-rays 's use for density scanning equipment . Examples include security systems such as those found in the majority aerodromes for scanning baggage and in medicinal diagnosing of a broader array of troubles . While possibly very damaging to humans in enough doses , they 're still helpful because they provide a clear-cut image of the human skeleton , enabling easy detection of bone broken or fractures , and some other troubles 's also obviously seen ( Tuberculosis , for example , are creating an unusually dark shadow in the lungs ) . Interpretation ought to be abandoned to a medicinal professional . The image is much less in-depth than that manufactured by CT or MRI scan , but rather are much simpler 's using and more broadly available . Gamma rays are extremely dangerous to life in general and highly rare . They are the byproducts in nuclear reactors , which in turn requires comprehensive shielding of the reactor core ( where fission actually occurs ) protecting people nearby ( one is feasible to leaning against the reactor shielding and still be various tens of feet from the core himself ) . They are the main method the assassination of an enormous numbers of cells very rapidly . The only case I are familiar with where this methodology is usually used is in cancer curatives - once a cancerous region be discovered , low intensity gamma rays are injected to the region from a range of angles - the total exposed to healty tissue remain below safe limiting , but the exposure of the cancerous cells to gamma rays was sufficient to cause devastation . It is an alternatives to chemotherapy or surgery . All three methodology are extremely bad for the entire human body , which 's one of the importationant troubles with curent cancer treatment : the `` curing '' is nearly as bad as the cancer is .