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Headlight Lens Polishing And Restoration Liquid UV Resin Varnish from Factory UV Glue for Bonding Glass to Metal UV Glue for Bonding Crystal Crafts UV Glue for Car Windshield Repair Headlight Lens Polishing And Restoration Liquid UV Resin Varnish from Factory Poly carbonate(PC)is widely used to make car headlights lamp, with the characters of easy processing, light weight and flexibility. Our uv protection coating has the characteristic of moderate viscosity, light odor, rapid curing speed, strong adhensive force, fullness, high hardness, good performance of abrasion resistance and weather resistance, very suitable for the protective paint of plastic parts, such as PC and ABS. Not dangerous chemical and non-flammable Construction Technology Base material----Surface treatment --- Spraying---- IR leveling flow---- UV curing---Inspection----Packaging Packaging & Shipping Package of Headlight Lens Polishing And Restoration Liquid UV Resin Varnish from Factory Ø 1 kg as free sample Ø Package of bulk 4 kgs /drum, 25kgs/drum, 200 kgs/drum or as per your requirements Shipping of Headlight Lens Polishing And Restoration Liquid UV Resin Varnish from Factory 1) by air/ by ship /by sea 2) by Express: DHL,TNT, FEDEX, EMS, UPS.

uv varnish gloss liquid paint for wood furniture Specifications 1.Special yellowing resistant recipe which preserves gloss; 2.Easy for leveling and polishing and easy to paint and repair 3.Fast surface drying which saves labor and time; P roduct No. /product name Color P acking specification P roduct feature Transparent roll coating primer transparent 20kg Excellent UV Resistance Superior Scratch, Impact and Mar Resistance Formaldehyde-free Isocyanate-free Ultra Low VOC Water Clean-up NH UV Coating creates a finish that is appropriate for kitchen and bath cabinetry, office furniture,architectural millwork or any other where exceptional film performance is desired. You could choose sample board or sample paint 4. What is the payment term 9 TT 30% as desposit , 70% before shipment .

Our Company Wengyuan Henghui Chemical Coating Co.,Ltd. High weathering and chemical resistance. Detailed Images Packing & Delivery Related Products Quality Control

1 Product composition This product consists of polyurethane acrylic resin, monomer, photoinitiator, auxiliary agent, active diluent, etc. 2 Product curing principle UV Varnish depends on the initiator to absorb ultraviolet light, producing free radicals, triggering reaction between monomer and Low polyester, and then curing film. The on-line speed can be adjusted according to the intensity of light until the coating is cured.

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Save time and achieve great economic handiness by completing painting projects with healthy and durable uv liquid varnish sold on Alibaba.com. Discover uv liquid varnish with a strong resistance to atmospheric wear and tear and excellent covering ability to create smooth and uniform finishes that are long-lasting. Find environmentally friendly painting solutions that are free of biocides and plasticizers and don’t react chemically with substrates.

Based on the project at hand and the desired results, choose uv liquid varnish types such as cellulose, enamel, water-based, anti-corrosive, bituminous, plastic, oil, cement, and emulsion. These smears are ready for use, affordable, dye fast and come in many different color shades. Find smears with super impressive gloss, solid finishes, and good color depth, some of which are ideal for high-moisture rooms.

Shop Alibaba.com for a whimsical selection of indoor and outdoor uv liquid varnish available as spray, brush, acrylic, epoxy, and polyurethane options. The smears are also categorized as per the role they serve, with the most common options being building coatings, appliance smears, paper coating, and wood coatings. Choose products with high permeability and coarser composition, engineered to stand both low and high temperatures.

Pros and DIYers looking to refresh business or home paintings should explore uv liquid varnish from Alibaba.com to get products that resist algae and mold growth. These painting solutions offer smooth and hard finishes capable of standing smoke, water, and acids. They are versatile enough to be applied on a variety of surfaces, including metals, plastics, fibers, and more.