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        Q: Is all aquarium lighting uv?
A: The term UV 's short for Ultra Violet and 're not noticeable by human eyes although it is a key part of natural sunshine ( like Infrared ) . UV lighting has three various wavelengths in one .   UV lighting is contributing toduce natural behaviours in fishes , diurnal reptiles and amphibians like feeding , breed and is advantageous for their general well being .   UV also assists some fishes to produce vitamin D3 as well as give us humans sunburns . Vitamin D3 are necessaryed for fishes to benefit of the calcium in their diet . Without vitamin D3 these people are incapable 's using the calcium and even though offered day-to-day supplements , could still suffers from MBD ( Metabolic Bone Disease ) . Fishes , unlike humans were not able make its own right vitamin D3 and require UVB lighting .   UV in the aquarium also assists kill algal and bacteria . 

Q: How do you protect a car from UV rays?
A: Stay indoors Stay in the shading Use sun screen/sun blocking with high ratings Wear clothes with full length sleeves and legs , preferably made ofcloth offering UV-protection , or failing that , cloth that 's tightlywoven and do not let much lighting through . Use parasols , wide-brimmed hats Keep away from highly reflective surfacing like sand , snow andwater . 

Q: I know this is a stupid question but is uv lighting in clubs the same as the uv in sunbeds?
A: yes , it 's the same uv however , the frequnsy and wavelenght is various so as not damaging to everything for example the higher the frequency the lowered the wavelength meaning ittravels more quickly and 's more powerful this situation is what will was probably utilized in the sun bed and the low frequency and high Wl will be caused in lighting but not much pain  another example is the toaster which usage infared which has a high frequency in order to rise the heating but the remote comptroller to a tv also usages infared but has a very low frequency in order to not harm anybody  hope i helped