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Vanilla is sought after by the food and beverage community. That's why really good vanilla beans can be expensive. However, there are plenty of options and grades available at affordable prices on Alibaba.com. Seek for different options for your target market!

Used in flavoring cakes, pastries, and syrups

Organic vanilla beans are one of the most basic flavoring agents used in pastries and dessert making. It has a very delicate and pleasant aroma, which does not overpower the product but elevates it. Making cakes and pastries with vanilla beans gives the dish more character instead of plain flavors. Adding vanilla beans can give a different dimension and deepen the flavor of the pastries. Different forms are used: from vanilla bean extracts and powders that are quick to disperse in food, to vanilla bean paste that has a much more pronounced flavor, and to actual vanilla bean pods that have a magic flavor.

Other uses besides food

Vanilla beans can also be used for candle making. It might be amazing, but vanilla bean candles are used to give a room a sweet welcoming aroma. You won't be restricted to only one type of industry when you choose to offer your vanilla for sale.

Vanilla for the beverage industry

This flavoring is heavily used in the beverage industry too. Using vanilla syrups gives a subtle lingering aroma to most drinks, both hot and cold. Have you ever had a vanilla latte? It's delicious! Vanilla syrups are a fast-moving item for cafes and restaurants with a wider beverage menu; having different brands and grades would be an advantage in catering to various clients with different budgets and needs. Various types of wholesale vanilla beans are all available on Alibaba.com. Have a look at all the options to get different kinds of vanilla for your target market.

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