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Visit our wholesalers on Alibaba.com for different kinds of velvet patchwork quilt at affordable prices. An album quilt is ideal for special occasions. It consists of several blocks, each featuring an intricate design. These depictions have a special meaning to the creator or the recipient of the quilt. The art quilt is one that is closest to full artistic expression. It is a lot like a painting. But instead of acrylics and canvas, the artwork is created using stitches and fabric.

Shop custom quilts on Alibaba.com. Personalized designs allow you to print whatever you want on your velvet patchwork quilt, such as a photo, logo, or any type of design. A memory quilt is a good choice if you want to have the photos of your loved ones printed on the fabric and then use the material to make quilt blocks. If you are thinking of a nice Christmas or new year’s gift for the special people in your life, you can consider giving a friendship quilt to your friends and family. You can make it in memory of a special time or occasion or as a housewarming gift.

The lab quilt is a good velvet patchwork quilt to try during winter. They are meant to be draped in your lap when you’re sitting down. Another option is the throw quilt. They tend to be bigger than lap quilts, but smaller than the ones you would have on your bed. They are made primarily for decorative purposes, but they can be quite functional too. You can find a beautiful selection of velvet patchwork quilt such as lattice quilt, charm quilt, centennial quilt, photo quilt, puff quilt, sample quilt, scrap quilt, string quilt, wall quilt, watercolor quilt, and more on Alibaba.com.