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Use the listings on Alibaba.com, one of the largest B2B wholesale supply markets in the world to find and order the perfect combination of wholesale viscosity of air photo for your customers. This means 100% rayon fabric for clothes, bedding and upholstery in a variety of colors and patterns.

The most popular option in viscosity of air photo for clothing is 100% viscose material. Viscose is lightweight and breathable and was designed to be a more affordable and convenient alternative to silk. It has a smooth feel and drapes like silk making it look like a luxury clothing material. Modal fabric is used for items like underwear and night clothes. 100% modal fabric is also used for bed sheets because it is soft and smooth. It can also be blended with spandex or cotton to increase its strength.

Another viscosity of air photo option is lyocell fabric. 100% lyocell fabric is very popular for those who are looking for a very environmentally friendly option because fewer chemicals are used to treat it when compared to other synthetic and semi-synthetic materials. It is also the most absorbent of the three common types of rayon so is very suitable for use in athletic wear.

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