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Walk in tub shower combo

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About walk in tub shower combo

A Walk-in tub shower combo is a combination of a walk-in tub and shower. This allows individuals to enjoy the tub while also giving one the option of a standing shower. There are several walk-in tub shower combos on

Benefits of a walk-in tub shower combo

Walk-in tub and shower combinations are designed with safety in mind especially due to the many reports of bathroom falls that emergency departments keep receiving each year. These walk-in tub and shower combos feature handrails, non-slip surfaces, and seats, a quick fill and drain option, and anti-scald protection. These safety features are especially helpful for older adults who have mobility issues. They can quickly catch themselves with the handrails in case of a potential fall. The non-slip surfaces allow them to shower without slipping, and one can easily fill and drain water in the tub without much effort. Therefore, these types of showers are the perfect walk-in tub shower combo for seniors.

A luxury walk-in tub shower combo tends to boost the value of a home, especially if the home is in a retirement community. This is because they're a staple for an accessible home. Many generations can use the tub shower combo, and this can be appealing to most buyers. With a walk-in bath and shower combo, one can enjoy both the tub benefits without compromising the standing showers. Tub baths provide hydrotherapy benefits such as relieving aches and pains, relaxing muscles, increasing blood flow, and promoting overall relaxation and wellness. With a standing shower, one can enjoy the long strokes of water hitting the body, which also promotes relaxation. Therefore, with a walk-in tub shower combo, one gets to enjoy the benefits of experiencing both types of showers.

Factors to consider before buying a walk-in tub shower combo

The first factor to consider is the tub size since they come in various shapes and sizes. While walk-in bath and shower combinations may seem to take up a lot more space than the traditional tub size due to the higher wall, they can still fit into the space of the old bathtub. This helps one avoid expensive renovations of the old room. What one can do is take the dimensions of their old space and find a walk-in tub shower combo of the same size. Secondly, consider the door options, especially for the tub. There are several options, but the most convenient one is the one that allows one to walk into the tub rather than climb over it. Some of these door options include an outward swinging door, which requires more space, and an inward swinging door.