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Water treatment technological development , engineering construction , technical service and series of products of consumer need. The company owns the well experienced engineer, specialized production big and powerful base , advanced fabrication equipment. The long range concentrates efforts on environmental protection cause investing in construction , complete sets of equipment turn out and the project are always contracted by.

Shipment Method : By Aircargo: Different Airline for your optional with good price . Delivery Service : ♦ Export standard , safety and environmental packing Quick lead time for mass production. • We can provide varies wastewater treatment system t with very competitive price.

The wastewater goes through suspending media of MBBR reactor, forming biological membrane on the surface of media gradually. For the aerobic reactor, the aeration will make the media move; for the anaerobic reactor, mechanic mixing will make the media move. Meanwhile, it is beneficial for the biologia to denitrification and dephosphorization.

3. Removal of organic matter, phosphide, kill pathogens, bleaching and other treatment effect is good. Electrolytic air flotation machine features: 1, to be treated water residence time is short, only 3min. 4, can be set to multi-layer, and can be set directly on the ground or overhead settings, small footprint.

Product model and technical parameter Model definition: KH --- MBR --- Day capacity Example: KH -MBR-1 2 0 means sewage treatment with capacity of 1 2 0m 3 per day. Technical parameter Application

However, if the diaphragm is not put into use immediately after it is installed, or it needs to be parked for a certain period of time during use, please ensure that the diaphragm is immersed in water or it is always in a wet condition. 2. Maintenance of membrane flux and membrane cleaning Diaphragm aeration system construction using perforated aeration, aeration of bubbles and water flow, so that the film full of jitter, to achieve self-cleaning of the membrane. Using the intermittent operation mode, the self-priming pump can suck for 10 to 12 minutes and stop for 2 to 3 minutes, which can effectively prevent the clogging of the membrane holes and ensure long-term and stable operation of the membrane separation.

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Enhance your water filtration options with a. wastewater treatment plant. This is a technology that is used to remove a large quantity of contamination from water by pushing the water through a semipermeable membrane under high pressure.. wastewater treatment plant is the best way to achieve superior safe water for home and business use. Alibaba.com offers the best. wastewater treatment plant options for your home and business water solution. This system encourages hydration as it produces fresh, tasty water.

wastewater treatment plant gives users the best safe drinking water that reduces your exposure to contaminants. This system removes certain bacteria and chemicals, making the water it produces taste fresh and look clear. The. wastewater treatment plant has energy saving separation techniques. It keeps water from evaporating, and this technique consumes low energy and controls water loss. The user only needs a small space to install. wastewater treatment plant. The equipment is compact, providing excellent space efficiency.

Cleaning the. wastewater treatment plant is easy and convenient. This system gets rid of contaminants and pollutants without collecting them. The. wastewater treatment plant doesn’t need any purification chemicals. It’s completely green and good for the environment. The filtration system is energy and cost efficient. The. wastewater treatment plant filters large gallons of water every day and consumes no energy. It has a simple maintenance, and it's affordable too.

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