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A water dispenser keeps water fresh and easy to dispense for drinking. A water dispenser for home use keeps the water sealed inside to protect it from outside elements such as dust, dirt particles, and ants. This is why many people like to use a water cooler for home areas such as kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Instead of having to buy multiple cases of bottled water, they can simply get water from a filtered water dispenser. Not only is the water more accessible, but the owners can save up on excess costs.

A water dispenser can dispense both cold and hot water

It is a water machine that usually comes with two water nozzles. The first nozzle dispenses hot water, while the second nozzle dispenses cold water. This is why it is also called a hot and cold water dispenser. Some water cooler dispenser machines even have three nozzles. The third one is for room-temperature water that is neither too warm nor too cool.

A water dispenser is compatible with large water containers

A 5-gallon water dispenser is commonly used both in homes and offices. A 5-gallon water container perfectly fits onto the mouth of the dispenser. It is placed upside down to allow it to flow down into the water cooler. Then dispense water in small amounts. Every drop of water inside the container ends up being consumed, and nothing goes to waste by using a water dispenser.

Certain water dispensers can change the PH value of the water to be dispensed

Most people like to enjoy the health benefits brought by consuming mineral or purified water. A standard water dispenser can easily carry and dispense these types of water. Other people like to drink alkaline water. It is a type of water that is less acidic than normal drinking water. An alkaline water machine is suitable for people who prefer drinking this type of water.