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Pure water distillers, distilled water systems, and water distiller machines are rapidly becoming a home and business essential. In an ever increasingly health conscious world, medical, cosmetic industries and food producers are insisting on using sterilized water that comes from a water distillation process. We can’t always be sure of the water we drink even if it is said to be ‘safe to drink’. Many bacterial, chemical and metal traces are found in tap water. The gradual build up of these contaminants in our bodies can cause some serious and harmful side effects. When customers ask “Is distilled water safe to drink?, the short answer is certainly ‘yes’. By drinking distilled water, your customers can rest assured that a highly significant amount of these unwanted trace contaminants has been safely removed.

Are water distiller machines good for you?

A water distiller machine removes far more contaminants than a water filter. Water distillers transform tap water into the purest water. Installing distilled water bottles, distilled water makers, and distilled water coolers in your customers’ homes, schools and businesses will ensure the purity of drinking water by removing trace metals such as lead, arsenic, barium, copper, and iron. It also safely removes chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride and other unwanted organic solids and compounds such as algae, bacteria, viruses, and pharmaceuticals which often end up in recycled drinking water. Water hardness is also totally removed, as well as mineral contents of any kind. For home use or office use, customers will feel safe using a countertop water distiller knowing that they are drinking only pure water from their pure water distiller while all of the nasty impurities have been eliminated!

Which industries use water distiller machines?

Apart from being highly safe to drink, sterilized distilled water also known as steam distilled water has many essential uses across a variety of industries and businesses. Sterilized distilled water is vital in the health sector as it is used as part of the process of sanitizing hospital equipment such as surgical tools. Pure distilled water is used in laboratories too because scientists must often use distilled water because plain tap water carries so many trace elements that interfere with test results. Also, the delicate and precise formulations of cosmetics means that the manufacturing of make-up, shampoo, and even shaving foam depends on using distilled water, and it is crucial in keeping the products pure and free from any possible irritants. Finally, many food and drink products such as beer, require only pure distilled water which removes any unwanted trace particles in their products as these contribute to the taste of the beer. For pure taste, you need pure water which is why distilled water is the only choice for food and drinks manufacturers.

For homes and businesses alike, pure distilled water makers are easy to install and use, and are taking priority over all other forms of water purification. Become part of this lucrative market and buy wholesale at Alibaba.com.

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