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It has strong corrosion resistance, high conductivity and good heat resistance. It is suitable for processing and cooling of low concentration and acidic liquid. A safe combination of titanium and copper is achieved using a new link method.

Is a Chinese Plate Heat Exchanger manufacturer specialized in development , Production and global marketing of plate heat exchangers. Q : 2. What is the lead time9 A : Sample needs 1-3 days,mass production needs 7-15days,also according to the order volume. Q : 3. Can you accept mixed batch of different products9 A : Yes,we are support different product mix wholesale.

DONGXU Water cooled tube type heat exchanger for salt water evaporator Model NO. A C D E F G HLP305U1 309 45 152 107 85 83 HLP307U1 381 224 179 83 HLP308U1 453 296 251 83 HLP310U1/2 530 374 329 82.5 HLP312U1/2 597.5 440 395 83.25 HLP314U1/2 692.5 512 467 94.5 HLP315U1/2 742 584 539 83.5 HLP317U1/2 814 656 611 83.5 HLP319U1/2 886 728 683 83.5 HLP412 398 60 210 166 100 99 HLP415 470 277 233 HLP419U1 547 358 314 HLP419U2 542 332 288 HLP421 614 427 383 HLP424 682 484 440 HLP525 564 70 346 282 116 107 HLP529 624 412 348 HLP533 696 482 418 HLP537 769 542 478 HLP542 836 596 532 HLP546 912 662 598 HLP554 1056 782 718 HLP560 1116 832 768 HLP650 861 90 586 511 132 137 HLP660 996 698 623 HLP670 1150 863 788 HLP680 1276 973 898 Application One-Stop Sourcing Packaging & Shipping

The extracted heat can be used for space heating, domestic hot water and any industrial process that requires hot water. BC series of shell and tube heat exchanger, water cooled oil cooler: Heating tube material: bare copper tubes. : Q1. What kind of product structure9 Answer: Air oil cooler product is full aluminum plate-fin structure.

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The ease of maintaining these. water evaporator makes them the most ideal and practical choice for diverse environments. All of their parts and tubes are easy to clean which prevents the accumulation of scales or any other forms of contamination that might impede the performance of the. water evaporator. The terrific resistance to leakage keeps all fluids in the appropriate compartments of the. water evaporator which promotes the best outputs and energy saving.

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