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A water mist machine is used to spray chemicals in a fine mist. It is used in fumigation, sanitization, insect control, and odor removal. A fogger mist maker is different from conventional spraying equipment, which delivers the chemical in the form of smoke. The disinfectant liquid sprayed through a fogging machine can sanitize both surfaces and air. The micro-droplets of liquids remain on surfaces of objects for a longer time, offering long-lasting protection.

Additionally, the thin fog can penetrate smaller and hidden surfaces and even reach corners that are difficult to reach. This makes fogging an effective way to apply chemicals.

Types of fogging machine

There are various kinds of mister fog machines. A thermal fogging machine uses heat to evaporate fog. These mini mist machines create small particles which make the fog more visible. They are suitable for controlling insect and mosquito populations. Thermal foggers are more effective when used outdoors, as they are more useful in bigger spaces. They also have an automatic cut-off function, which guarantees safety. Another type is the cold fogging machine which is also known as ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers. Powered by electricity, it performs well in controlling the rate of flow and fog droplet size. This machine is suitable for tight places or spraying while moving.

Uses of fogging machine

Mist dusters can be used in various occasions. Most people use the misting machine for disinfection in homes and warehouses, but they also provide more functions. Mist maker Halloween can be used for events, parties, or even movies to create a scary atmosphere. Fog mist makers can also be used in concerts and theaters to create effects.

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