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        Q: Is there any wind turbine(generator) whose diameter is near about 1 meter?
A: Hi Renee . A 1000 KW wind turbine shall be identical thing as a 1 mw ( MW ) turbine . These huge units is typically enumerated in outputs of MW 's . Here is the formula used to the power of a turbine :   P = .5 X rho X A X v^3 X e   P is power in watts  rho is the air density , which at sea level is 1.225 kg/m^3  A is the swept area in squares metre or m^2  V is the speed in m/s , in your case , twelve  and e is the turbines efficacy   Obviously the answering depending on the density of the localisation , and the turbines efficacy , but using some sea level average number , such as 30 percent for e , you are able work the formula backwards :   P = .5 X rho X A X v^3 X e  1 megawatt = .5 X 1.225 X A X 12^3 ( 1728 ) X 30 percent   A would have to equal about three200 squares metre . Then , working the field of a circle formula backwards :   A = pi X r^2   A = area  pi = 3.1415927  r = rotor radius   Then the radius would be around 30-two meters . thus the diameter would be about six4 metre .   I have to add that twelve m/s be comparatively wholesome wind , approximately 25 mph or so . This is at hand the designing maximal power point for numerous turbines , so it would be functioning near skills in that wind ... ... but it 's presumably what the person who wrote this issue ha in mind . Take several minutes to look at the weblink below understanding all this better and later take several minutes to attempt to solve the problem yourself with the info , and you 'll comprehend it a lot better . Take caring Renee , Rudydoo 

Q: How is water used in the generation of electricity in a coal power station?
A: -- Burn petroleum , gas , petrol , kerosene , paraffin , diesel oil , paper , oily rags , buffalo dung , dried lemon grass , maize stalks , or wood , in oxygen . Capture the heating to boil water and spin a steam turbine . Ooops ! Water 's used . -- Allow a controlled nuclear fission reply to proceed slowly in a closed ship . Capture the heating to boil water and spin a steam turbine . Ooops ! Water 's used . -- Employ various people or water buffalo to pedal stationary bikes or walking harnessed in an interminable circle , with their respective machinery appropriately couphas contributed to an electricalal generator . No water utilized , except that need to keep the prime movers aware . -- Allow the sun to shine onto a panel comprising of photovoltaic cells in series/parallel configuration . Collect and store free electric energy . 

Q: How to make a model of hydro electric power plant?
A: This issue is ambiguous , but here is the path hydro-electricity plants work . Moving water turns a wheel or a turbine . The shaft of the water wheel or turbine 's connected to an electricalal generator . As the generator spins , it produces electricity . The effectiveness of this system depending on the speeding of the water past the turbine blades . Efficiency is feasible to risen , and more power produced , if the water speeding is risen . A huge dam can put the turbine blades various hundred feet below the surface area of the lake and rise water speeding . A sluggish moving river is feasible to employed to produce electric power , but the main blade of the turbine ( water wheel ) has to were extremely huge to produce torque . The shaft of the generator would be paired to the enormous water-wheel through a set of gears that would increase the speeding of the turbine shaft . The electrical generator has fixed magnets or electro-magnets installed on the rotor ( part that spins ) . The stator ( wire windings in the shell ) generate electricity when the magnetic field from the rotor passes close to them .