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There are two major types of waterjet cutting machines. They include pure and abrasive waterjets. A pure waterjet is ideal for cutting through corrugated cardboard. It can also cut through materials like disposable diapers, food, carpet, automotive interiors, and gasket. This is because waterjet cutting produces less moisture when cutting compared to touching or breathing on the materials. On the other hand, an abrasive waterjet uses the same technology as the pure waterjet. However, when it comes to this waterjet cutting machine, abrasives such as garnet are used. These abrasives are fed into the waterjet system and mixed with water. This resultsin a sharperjet with greater cutting ability. It is suitable for cutting delicate, hard,or thick material.

Before buying a waterjet cutting machine, there are several factors that you need to consider, including price, the type of material to be cut, and the complexity of cuts. When it comes to price, it is advisable to buy a waterjet cutting machine that is within your budget to avoid financial strains. The type of material you intend to cut is also another important consideration. If you are going to cut through hard materials, it is advisable to choose an abrasive waterjet. Lastly, determine the complexity of the cuts. For complex cuts, buy one with an extra axis to help you cut accurately through the material.

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