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        Q: Question About A Weighing Scale?
A: If you 're alluded to a weighing balancing - the balancing just compares the magnitude ( extent ) gravitational pull on both bodies you place in the two pans . Since acceleration due to severity shall be identical on both the bodies placed in the pans , the body with the biggester mass will experience greater pull to its scope of the variance in mass . Thus it goes down . So if you place a standard ( pre-weighed ) measuring in one of the pans it say to you whether the body placed in the other pan is equals , fewer than or larger than himself .   If nevertheless you 're alluded to a spring balancing - the pointer on the balancing was established at a 0 point which referred to the duration of the spring when it has no weighting hanging on it . When a weighting is put there the spring is pulled down to its scope of force acts on that body ( which in turning is directly proportional to the mass of the body . SO the elongation of the spring pulis headed by the grav force aro's using pointer to advance further down and is consequently calibrated .   If nevertheless you 're alluded to hydraulic weighing scales , they work on a various principle . In these the weighting ( grav pull ) acts on the body being weight is communicated through a piston to a duct containing hydraulic liquid which in turning activates a dialing to which a pointer needle is attached . the pointer needle rotates and indictates the weinght by pointing to the accurate markings on the dialing .   Then we have cantilever scales utilized for enormous and awkward loads . In these a platform is be floated on a cantilever beam system which brings the percentagesate force to a noseiron bearing ; this pulls on a stilyard rod to transmit the reduce force to a conveniently sized beam .   In some sorts of electronic scales the loading are annexed to the end of a metal beam and its scope of bending of the beam because of the weighting is measured electronically at different points and the weighting be computed by a microprocessor programmed to do this by its scope of distortion ( bending ) it has aroemployed to the beam .