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A large wheelie bin is suitable for homes and offices. These bins can be quickly maneuvered through hallways and over thresholds. Besides, wheelie bin manufacturers have made waste storage easier and organized by using durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. No wonder homeowners who want to keep their homes tidy and their surroundings neat and happy usually go for a wheelie bin storage.

What is a wheelie bin?

A wheelie bin is a sturdy wheeled waste container that can be easily pushed around to collect rubbish. The bin can be easily loaded and unloaded, making it easier for customers to use. A modern plastic wheelie bin storage is made of polyethylene. It is a popular plastic that can withstand acid, fungi, bacteria, and a wide range of harsh elements. There are many ways to store them, but some of the most common places include the garage, porch, and backyard.

Classification of wheelie bins based on size

There are standard wheelie bin sizes ranging from 120l to 1100l. The 120-liter wheelie bin is the smallest size available. It is suitable for waste types such as glass, paper, and food waste. The 240-liter wheelie bin offers stronger and more sturdy storage and is suitable for waste types of 120l bins including cardboard and general waste. A 360-liter wheelie bin is the largest two-wheeler for commercial waste disposal. Businesses without public access or entry point and families who regularly host parties may benefit from this size. The 660-liter wheelie bin is the smallest size of the 4-wheel bins. It is a good option for medium-sized businesses whose waste is more significant than what a 2-wheel bin can hold.

Several medium and large businesses select the 1100-liter wheelie bin as their first choice. This bin is ideal for disposing of general waste and large recyclables. Thanks to its wheelie bin lock, it is a great choice for companies, restaurants, and other businesses that deal with sensitive waste. There are also DIY wheelie bins for those with the skills and expertise to build a wheelie bin. Some DIY users also add custom wheelie bin covers, wheelie bin sheds, and more to suit their tastes. Wheelie bins are so popular now because of their practicality and convenience.

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