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        Q: Can drinking Whey Protein (supplement) be dangerous?
A: If you believe you need more protein ( extraordinarily improbable ) make it plant protein . Eat some tofu . It 's made from soya . It 's bland . Cut it up into chunks and boiling it to heat it up . Take it out of the water and spice it up with soya sauce or salsa , or whatever you 've got handy .   Whey protein is animals protein made from cow 's dairy . Animal protein and animal fat ( disguised in all animals muscles , including skinless chicken ) are unappropriate for human consumption .   Digesting animal protein takes much more stomach acid than digesting plant protein . Some of that additional acid gets into your bloodstream and leaches calcium out of your bone , making them weaker . In extreme instances , it is able cause osteoporosis , wherever your bones have holes like a sponge where the calcium employed to be . My landlady is a hunchback because of osteoporosis . 

Q: Does protein suppliments have any side effects?
A: Assuming that you are consuming a ordinary amount of protein and 's otherwise wholesome and ordinary , supplements will not have any undesirable side effect . Protein supplements 're not a complete dietary substitution . Excessive consumption of protein ( 300+ grams per day ) can have unwanted side consequences in the kidney and liver . ( see link below ) Always recalling that too much is consistently bad for our health.so in taking too much protein is detrimental to you too . why do n't you add organic food on your diet , it has natural substance that are able make you wholesome . Some may ha side effects relying on the origin of the protein First considered is what sort of other stuff 's in the protein supplementing . Some are full of sugar , and weird artificial ingredients . Does it has artificial sweeteners , artificial flavorings , hidden MSG , etc ... Generally the less ingredient the very best , and unless you are aware it is a good product subsequently go with something plain and made your own drink/smoothie out of it . Soy protein - heavily processed food , no long resembles genuine soya protein or anything natural . Unless you are aware it is a good company I 'd just preventing the soya due to heavy processing , and allergenic potential . Whey protein - also heavily processed except from a few sourcing that process why from unheated dairy . Dr. Mercola sells a truly good quality protein powder from whey on his site ( some other professional corporations such as Designs For Health also are good quality , but those are solely accessible via health caring professionals ) . Hemp protein : if you use it please leave in freezer after open , the omega-3 's swiftly become rancid in heating . The powder wo n't freeze in the freezer , as it has not water in it . There be a few plains rice proteins in the marketplace . 

Q: Whey protein question...............?
A: You do not want to take so much protein when you 're loses the weighting . Maybe is beginning to lose weighting and when you feel like you 're getting more cut was later start taking your protein and lifting more weightings . But do n't forgotten the cardio to remain lean . Whey protein is exactly protein , it 's for muscle repair .