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The US navy sailor cap is seen both on the seas and at costume parties. Also known as a dixie cup, the white and blue sailor cap has been around for over 130 years as traditional uniform gear. Though they've gone out of style recently, the 19th-century sailor hat remains a classic staple for fashion and sailing history. Pop culture has helped bring the brown sailor hat, turning the navy cap into the signature Beyonce sailor hat. Suitable for children and adults and available in various sizes, you can enjoy a dixie cup hat of your own without signing up for the navy.

Sailor Hat Styles

Though once made out of straw, the styles of sailor caps have evolved into fashionable folds and leather edges of the modern age. Once similar in color and style to the dixie cup, sailor caps now display bedazzled jewels, leather tassels, studs, and more. They're available in standard simple white, blue, leather, and even paper styles. They can be folded into birthday sailor hat styles used in restaurants and theme parks. You can find sailor caps in small sizes for toddlers or adults and adjustable sizes for larger heads.

Sailor Hat Uses

The original sailor hat was created to help shield a sailor's eyes from the sun and glare. They came in sailor hat blue before turning into the classic white hat sailors can be seen wearing today. Now, navy sailor hats can be seen worn by toddlers or crafted from paper. Sailor hats out of paper are popular DIY projects for teachers and great last-minute costumes. Outside of Halloween and costume parties, sailor hats for sale make iconic fashion statements and can be easily added to your wardrobe as an everyday piece. Vintage hats can still be found in museums as display pieces of 19th-century American naval history.

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