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Buyers looking for white sugar will find plenty of choices on Alibaba.com. They're offered at attractive and affordable prices. Whether shoppers are interested in white crystal sugar for individual use or for reselling, they will find many options to suit their needs.

Various types of white granulated sugar are available on the site such as coarse grain, granulated sugar, crate sugar, confectioners’ sugar, lump sugar and sugar cubes. Besides adding sweetness to various baked foods and beverages, sugar helps in caramelization and the maillard reaction, where breakdown of sugar results in a golden color and a specific flavor. White sugar also helps in retaining moisture and thereby keeps foods soft and supple.

Refined white sugar is refined using a chemical and filtration process and these types generally come from sugar cane or sugar beets. The crystal sizes of this type of sugar may vary from coarse sugar (0.75 to 0.6mm) to medium sugar (0.5 to 0.3mm) to small sugar (0.3 to 0.02mm). Many of the white cane sugars on Alibaba.com are available in even smaller size crystals such as fine, extra fine, ultrafine, powdered 10x and so on. Suppliers often offer wholesale rates for high-volume settings. Some of the white sugar varieties are not easily available in the supermarket but are used by professional bakers and the food industry.

White sugar from Alibaba.com is designed to fit a range of needs. Shoppers can select crystal sizes per their specific uses. Buyers can enjoy wholesale pricing on bulk lots, and individual retail orders are also a popular option.