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Wax warmers can be used to enhance your living room space. They are an alternative to scented candles and are usually filled with scented wax melts to give off a nice fragrance in the home when warmed up. Also known as electric wax warmer, these unique wax warmers can be less flammable, hence preventing the risk of a fire outbreak.

How do Wax Warmers Work?

Wax warmer types vary. While some may use light bulbs as their source of heat, others might use electricity. What the heat does is melt off the wax. Then the wax releases its fragrance into the atmosphere. Other mini wax warmers may use a tealight candle, and in this case, the fire must be blown out once the melting is over. Are you asking, “how long can wax warmers stay on?” Wax warmers absorb heat at a slower rate than traditional candles with open flames. So, the fragrance oil in it evaporates slower, providing a stronger and longer-lasting scent. Wax warmers also last longer than open flame scented candles for this reason.

Benefits of These Cool Wax Warmers

The benefits of wax warmers are numerous. They range from the fact that there is no risk of fire outbreaks, and are affordable, to the fact that they are super convenient and contain no paraffin, which are hazardous to the health and the environment.

Are Wax Warmers Safe?

Wax warmers are very safe. As mentioned earlier, with wax warmer bulbs, you avoid the risk of creating fire damages, health and environmental hazards. The only threat a wax warmer can pose is creating a ruined carpet from melted wax. This can be easily prevented if you place the warmer on a platform.

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