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Stylish shopping bags give you a great experience when visiting a shopping mall, supermarket, or developed retail sector. The rapid increase in the number of these trading facilities is feeding the global demand for retail bags, so if you are planning to buy shopping bags in bulk for your retail customers, you are on the right track. However, before doing that, please note that there are several types of wholesale shopping bags. Some of them enjoy a higher demand than others. Buying reusable bags in bulk can make excellent business sense sometimes, especially if your clients are looking for eco-friendly bags.

Reusable Bags

Wholesale canvas bags and cotton bags are the most common types of reusable shopping bags. As the name suggests, they are made of natural fibers such as organic cotton, recycled cotton bags, and traditional cotton. Most informed wholesalers also buy canvas tote bags wholesale to cater to the interest of their customers, who value strong and durable soft fabric. Other than buying canvas bags in bulk, you can opt for jute bags wholesale. Jute is a natural plant fiber. If you need "reusable grocery bags bulk," you can consider jute bags. Hemp bags are also great as they are made of hemp, a natural fiber stronger than cotton. This material can blend with others to make designer bags. You can also order recycled PET bags to reduce waste.

Paper Bags and Plastic Bags

What type of shopping bag is most environmentally friendly? As indicated above, buying reusable bags like tote bags in bulk is often a good business decision. However, depending on your market, you might need paper or plastic bags. Contrary to popular belief, buying plastic bags in bulk can be a better option than buying paper bags in bulk. Lifestyle studies have shown that plastic bags are more eco-friendly than reusable and paper bags unless people use the latter many times. For example, plastic bags with well-designed logos used for a year are friendlier to the environment than reusable bags used for a week.


There are several types of shopping bags that you can buy in bulk. The cost of the bags and your customer's needs should determine your choice. The average price of wholesale tote bag is around 0.05 USD per piece. You can go to to see how leading suppliers on the platform sell the specific bags you need in bulk.

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