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        Q: Can I use Aveda Shampure on recently colored hair?
A: well all hair colour i damaging a lil because you 're messing with the chemical makeup od the hair but going darker is better than emphasising it ... ..and brands well i was able to n't say because if you mess it up you could do more harm than haveing a salon do it ... .sorry idk what aveda is 

Q: Do you have tips for growing natural hair?
A: i 've been was endeavouring to do that for the longest time and im like a specialist now so heres all my tips :  eat foods high in the vitamins hair needs :  salmon  flaxseed  spinach  broccoli  beans  brazil nuts  walnuts  cashews  pecans  almonds  poultry : chicken  eggs  whole grains  oysters/beef/lamb  low fat milk  carrots  deep condition your hair once per week  massage your hair daily going from the nape of your neck and travel up  excercise a great deal to inrease blood flow  eat wholesome !  use natural hair products ( i use renpure organics shampoo and conditioner )  used a boar bristle brush to brush hair and go from the scalp all the way down to get oils to youe hair  dont shower each day !  avoid heating style and tight hairstyles  solely brush hair with a broader toothed comb when wet  if you wish put coconut oil and jojoba petroleum or vitamin e petroleum in hair and massage scalp to let folicles absorb it  apply a bit amount of shampoo to let natural oils absorb  apply shampoo to above your chin solely and conditioner below chin defraying special attention to terminates  cutting hair solely when you notice you have subdivided terminates  avoid hot water in shower and in your last moments of shower explosion cold water to make hair shiny  well thats all off the top of my head i 'll add more if i believed of them but good luck ! 

Q: How do i help my hair grow faster?
A: I 'm deadly sorry to be said you thwere only there exists nothing .. i repeat nothing that will be amended the growth rates of your hair , but ... .. you are able take cacircle of your hair and you 'll be highly appreciated for it later . Things you are able do are :  - Massage your scalp before you wash it .   - If your hair is dried , do i moisture treatment . I have liked to do an Olive petroleum treatment once per week .  Heat 2 table spoons of olive petroleum for a minute in your microwave was later apply it to the terminates . Wrap in a towell for an hour was later wash as ordinary .   -If your hair is harmed do a protein treatment , i love Joico intense reconstrucor , are applicable it to the middle lengths and terminates , wrap in plastic wrap and departing for 30 mins .  If your was endeavouring to growth it get a cutting where you believe you need one . Im increased my hair now , i amt had a cutting since august of last year , But im getting on tomorrow , lol .   Try to restrict heating style , and if you have 's using a good heating protectant , Morocan oils and argan oils are popular at the moment . Alalthough i love Redkins heating glide it 's like 30 - 40 dollars ( aus ) a bottle however , it will last you over a year . : D   Do not wash it day-to-day ... your sebum glands wil go GAGA . Try to wash three times per week .   I use an over night treatment every little nights and i plait my hair before bed .   Hope this assistances   Jess xo