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Keeping safe when traveling can be difficult, but with the help of pepper spray, you can deter most dangers and enjoy your travels without worry. Available in bottles, pepper spray guns, and keychains, you can carry the safety spray discreetly when traveling on foot or around town. Made from chili pepper oil known as oleoresin capsicum, pepper spray for women and men keep danger at a distance with an easy-to-use aerosol spray. When considering mace vs. pepper spray, note that pepper spray is a safer and easier-to-acquire alternative to harsher mace, bear sprays, or other self-defense tools.

How to Use Pepper Spray?

Both mace pepper spray and the original formula pepper spray are used for distanced self-defense. To use, pick up the pepper spray key chain attached to your person or spray bottle and hold it away from your face. Hold the sprayer and shoot the mist toward the target, aiming for the face and eyes. The strongest pepper spray options can shoot at distances over 10 feet and have effects that last from 45 minutes to an hour. Though there are some bear pepper spray options, the spray is best used on people and should be kept out of reach from young children and animals. It has a shelf life of 2 to 5 years, decreasing potency in some brands as they age. Replace your spray every few years for better protection.

Bottles or Keychains

Both are viable ways to store and hold your pepper spray easily. Bottled pepper spray can be easier to handle, come in larger sizes, and have a longer protective spray. However, pepper spray keychains can clip to your bag or keys for quick access. Some styles include the self-defense keychain with pepper spray, which includes a flashlight, loud alarm, and spray features. So long as they are under 8 oz, both bottles and keychains can be taken on any plane for air travel.

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