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Those with a religious mindset use rosaries as an aid for prayer. offers its users several suppliers who sell wholesale rosaries online. A rosary is a necklace of tiny beads strung together, which users count one bead at a time in their hands as they recite their prayers. Wholesale wooden beads come in different colors with coffee, dark coffee, black and light coffee among the more popular colors. Anyone can use these rosary necklaces and enjoy the many options available. 

Buyers use wholesale rosaries in religious places or anywhere else in their daily lives. Manufacturers use various materials to make these rosary beads, including wood, plastic and metal. Premium-quality prayer beads are made for Muslims with a coin attached to the prayer beads. Catholics use a cross attached to the beads, and they prefer to have 59 beads in total. Sandalwood rosaries are a favorite for an anniversary, engagement, gift, parties or weddings.

Exquisitely shaped wholesale rosaries are also available. Made of ancient silver, these can have different designs on each bead. Other than full-length rosaries, buyers can also purchase rosary bracelets, finger rosaries, chain rosaries and many other models. Typically, rosary beads measure 4-22 mm. Sandalwood rosaries have an additional advantage of giving off a sweet, woody fragrance. These are made from plants such as Genus Santalum Album and have beads of a dark yellow to a dark golden brown color.

Shoppers can buy these wholesale rosaries from with many different options to choose from. Both hand-crafted and machine-made rosaries are offered. Those looking for multi-colored types can buy plastic rosary bracelets with brilliantly colored beads. Although primarily meant for religious use, these rosaries can also be used as necklaces.