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Alibaba.com provides ideal solutions for seller who are looking for wholesale stuffed teddy bears ranging from small to giant size in different forms. Teddy bears are popular gifts for children and are often given to adults to express affection. A fluffy and cute teddy bear is a classic toy and is often given as a keepsake to children. People see teddy bears as an important part of growing up since they can provide comfort and companionship, or become a friend to talk to. It's not just children who benefit from the positive effects of a comforting teddy bear hug, people of all ages can find teddy bears to be good companions. That is why after decades of development, teddy bears can still win people's hearts with their adorable appearance.

Benefits of teddy bears

1.A satisfying sleep aid. According to research, 44% of adults still hold their childhood teddies, and as many as 34% of adults sleep with a soft toy. Teddy bears provide a sense of security and can alleviate negative feelings such as loneliness and anxiety. Having a cuddly toy to snuggle with is a natural part of a night-time routine for many and it has been shown to provide emotional comfort to people.

2.Confidence & self-esteem. Findings from a study in Amsterdam show that even touching an inanimate object — such as a teddy bear — can allay existential fears or help with low self-esteem. Regardless of age, comfort objects can remind people of home and heart-warming memories.

3.A friend in life. When children play with plush teddy bears or other stuffed animal toys, they can learn and practice a huge range of skills that are valuable in life. Engaging in role play with teddies is a great example of this. Young children can learn about daily routines such as brushing their teeth and getting ready for school with a teddy bear by their side. Teddy bears also aid children in socialization. With a variety of ways to play with a teddy bear come awesome opportunities to learn good behavior.

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