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Everyone needs toilet paper! Most people use approximately 20,000 sheets of toilet paper (or about 100 rolls) a year, close to 50 pounds. About 57 sheets of toilet paper are used daily and 8.6 sheets per toilet visit. That’s a surprising consumption of toilet paper! With this, more and more people would like to buy toilet paper in bulk. They have many questions: Is it better to buy bulk order toilet paper? Where can I buy bulk toilet paper and paper towels? How can I buy bulk toilet paper online? What is the cheap bulk toilet paper I can buy?

Embossed or flat?

Compared to “flat” toilet papers, embossed toilet papers are more absorbent and softer. At the same time, it’s more expensive because there are additional costs in dealing with the raw materials and finishing the paper. Buying toilet tissue in bulk can narrow down the price difference.

White or natural?

The toilet papers people used before are usually brown—a paper’s natural color. But modern toilet papers have commonly become bright white. Some people worry that wholesale toilet paper manufacturers use fluorescent reagents. Actually, qualified manufacturers don’t do this. They just use more virgin pulp to produce a whiter product.

One-ply or two-ply?

Obviously, 1-ply toilet papers are much cheaper than 2-ply ones. They disintegrate faster. 2-ply toilet papers are much thicker and sturdier.Bulk 2-ply toilet paper is practical for commercial use. 3-ply toilet paper is better for family use, which is incredibly thick and more absorbent.

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