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Vending machines help keep offices, schools, cafeterias, and more stocked with fresh snacks for in between meals. Vending machine snacks range from cold sodas and tea to sweets and chips. Yet they can store more than food inside when you buy a vending machine, offering special products like ice, phones, sanitary products, and more. Luxury large and mini vending machines can craft foods like pizza, produce hot coffee, and even create toys. Able to store objects large and small, your vending machine business can be customized to the product of your dreams, regardless of what you want to sell.

Vending Machine Types

Vending machines can be categorized by product, size, and function. Coin operated vending machines like candy machines holding lollipops and gumballs are small and size and run without electricity. Mini gumball machines can also hold small toy capsules and other cheap toys. Smart vending machines like the pizza vending machine use touchscreen interfaces to build and cook fast food or drinks. The classic snack and soda vending machine runs on electricity with a small dial pad to select your product. Additional vending machine types include styles like the ice vending machine housed in hotels, product vending machines for sunglasses or bathroom supplies, and specialized vending machines like an online car vending machine.

Where to Put Vending Machines?

Depending on the product being sold, a vending machine can be housed in most businesses and office spaces. Common placements of vending machines are inside schools and hotels, near cafeterias, and outside tourist destinations like parks and museums. Non-electric vending machines are popular inside restaurants and shopping markets for small toys or gumballs. Luxury product vending machines are often housed inside malls or shops directly related to the product. So long as there is heavy foot traffic and a reliable electric outlet, vending machines can be placed anywhere for people to see and use.

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