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Ghana African waist beads are a popular accessory worn by women and sometimes men around the waist or hips. Some can be worn as an anklet, bracelets, or necklaces. These beads are made from natural stone, crystals, or glass beads decorated with cowries. They come in different sizes, colors, and designs to fit your customer’s preference.

Size and color of waist beads

Most buyers prefer Ghana waist beads that offer a snug fit and are not too tight. The size of the beads also depends on where the user wants to wear the strands. These Ghana belly beads can be positioned on the waistline, hip area, or just above the hips. The colors on the waist bead represent different meanings. The red color on Ghana beads for the waist signifies passion and strength, while green means fertility and growth. Golden beads are a sign of luxury and wealth. Purple beads indicate royalty and wisdom. Yellow beads bring joy and creativity. Jewelry makers can get large packets of beads Ghana for the waist in different colors for the project.

What are Ghana waist beads used for?

Ghana waist beads for sale have profound cultural and spiritual importance in some African societies. They are used as a body decoration to accentuate the beautiful waistline of the wearer. Some people buy beads on waist Ghana for weight management. When the beads get tighter, the wearer will know they’ve gained some pounds, or the beads might drop down when slimming. Most women wear beads around the waist from Ghana to enhance sensuality or make their bodies sexual desirable to the opposite sex. They also help to adjust sitting posture because the beads roll up when the wearer slouches. In addition, African waist beads Ghana creates a way for African women to connect and pay homage to their culture.

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