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Waterproof fabric is any textile with natural or synthetic properties to resist water penetration or moisture. Waterproof textiles can either be natural or laminated with a waterproof material such as rubber, wax, fluoropolymers, Hypalon, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU), silicone elastomer, and tar paper. Coated fabric can be used indoors but can be a lot more useful outdoors. Outdoor waterproof fabric can especially be useful in the making of a variety of finished materials during unfavorable weather conditions like heavy rain, dust, and sun. There are assorted coated textiles with different waterproof strengths you can look into on Alibaba.com. Below is a list of some (popularly sought in the apparel industry) and their uses.

Latex fabric

Latex fabric is a rubber-coated fabric that is stretchy, durable, and easily wiped clean. Textiles made with latex are environment-friendly because of their biodegradable components. They are a good option for making a variety of finished materials such as mattress clothing, bed covers, and pillows. It is however not recommended for machine washing or drying.

Vinyl fabric

Vinyl fabric is a laminated fabric made from chlorine and ethylene. The fabric is durable, antimicrobial, and flame-resistant, but not flexible enough for extreme stretching. It can be made in several colors and has a broad range of industrial uses, including flooring, fencing, roofing, furniture, upholstery, and piping. Due to its durability, it is ideal outdoors and accordingly serves in the creation of end products like sportswear, equipment covers, and tents.

Polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is a breathable waterproof fabric made of synthetic ingredients. It is not inherently 100% waterproof but can be fully proofed using a waterproof fabric spray. It is durable and resistant to tears. It is used in the making of raincoats, shower curtains, tents, swimwear, outdoor furniture, and backpacks.

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