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Wifi walkie talkie

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About wifi walkie talkie

Walkie-talkies were introduced during the age of the Second World War to facilitate clearer and more accurate communication between army forces. Soldiers were issued walkie-talkies (also called two-way radios) so that they could easily call for backup when needed and update their battle situation. Back then, walkie-talkies operated solely on radio frequency. As modern technology evolves, Wi-Fi walkie-talkies emerged to become a new yet nostalgic means of communication.

Features of Wi-Fi walkie-talkies

From the term itself, Wi-Fi walkie-talkies are powered by wireless Internet. These modernized devices allow remote communication between any location in the world as long as there is an Internet connection. Unlike traditional walkie-talkies that rely on radio frequency, Wi-Fi walkie-talkies establish connections via servers and IP addresses. However, a Wi-Fi walkie-talkie app must be installed first on the mobile phone of users to use Wi-Fi walkie-talkies.

One key feature of Wi-Fi walkie-talkies is their one-to-many call function. Although traditional two-way radios also have this function, Wi-Fi-powered ones provide a more reliable call connection because of the universal Internet quality. As the distance increases, the call reliability offered by the former decreases. In most cases, traditional walkie-talkies can maintain a clear connection within 8 to 19 kilometers, whereas the latter can sustain a clear and audible call across countries. Some additional features of Wi-Fi walkie-talkies include support for network coverage based on the network service provider, clear audio quality, and zero operating license requirements. Other commercial Wi-Fi walkie-talkies, such as Inrico T310 and KSUN ZL20, also have ergonomic features.

Wi-Fi walkie-talkie apps

As previously mentioned, Wi-Fi walkie-talkie apps must be installed before users can use Wi-Fi walkie-talkies. At present, walkie-talkie apps are available for iOS and Android, some of which allow using Wi-Fi walkie-talkies without the Internet. Some of the walkie-talkie apps for iOS include Zello PTT Walkie-talkie, Two Way: Walkie-talkie, and Voxer Walkie-talkie Messenger. Included in the walkie-talkie apps for Android are Wi-Fi Walkie-talkie Slide2Talk, ProPTT2 Video Push-To-Talk, and Online Walkie-talkie Pro PTT.