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About wire drawing machine

What is a Wire Drawing Machine?

A wire drawing machine is a machine used to manufacture wire drawings. Wire drawing is the metalwork process of reducing the cross-section of a wire by drawing dies. It is used for electrical wiring, cables, stringed musical instruments, and paper clips, among others. The wire drawing machine draws or pulls metal wire or rod through a predetermined die size to reduce its diameter. It is also called a pull drawing machine and is used in industrial applications, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable processing, metal manufacturing, petrochemical, plastic production, and bamboo and wood processing. The working process of a wire drawing machine differs based on its intended use. There are different types of wire drawing machines; steel wire drawing machines, copper wire drawing machines, brass drawing machines, straight line wire drawing machines, and water drawing machines.

How Does the Wire Drawing Machine Work?

The wire drawing machine consists of six parts; a calamine stripping machine, wire sharpening machine, wire drawing machine, grafiling machine, PLC, and wire joining welding machine. The calamine stripping machine removes calamine from the wire rod to make the drawing process fluid and effective. The wire sharpening machine sharpens the tip of a round wire to make it pointed for easy entry into the drawing machine. The wire drawing machine is the main machine. It receives the sharpened wire and reduces its diameter gradually. To do this, the sharpened wire rod is put into the first drawing die, pulled, and led to the next step until you obtain your desired diameter. Next is the grafiling machine. This machine carries out grafiling on the drawn wire. The PLC is the part of the machine that controls the electrical system and allows its speed and pulling force to be varied. Lastly, the wire joining welding machine. This allows the two coils or rolls of drawn wire to collide using a spot welder to fuse their lengths and offer coils in any weight.

Benefits of a Wire Drawing Machine

A wire drawing machine allows good surface finishing, adaptability to mass production, close-dimensional control, better dimensional properties, and cost efficiency. There are various types of wire drawing machines for sale, including used wire drawing machines to save costs. You can also settle for a wire drawing bench if it’s intended for DIY wire rods.