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The wood pellet mill is also called a wood pellet machine. It can compress raw materials like sawdust, woodchips, peanut shell, straw, etc., and will be used as fuel. There are two types of pellet mill, flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill.

What is a flat die pellet mill?

A flat die pellet mill can be either the roller rotates or die rotates. Due to the vertical principle, the raw material falls into the pelletizing chamber and will be compressed between the rollers and die, and form pellets at the end of the process. A flat die pellet mill is small, light, portable, inexpensive, and easy to clean and maintain. However, it is not suitable for large-scale pellet production.

What is a ring die pellet mill?

A ring die pellet mill can compress the feed mass into the pellet mill die holes to form pellets by distributing the biomass over the inner surface of a rotating and perforated die ahead of each roll. A ring die pellet mill is more energy-efficient, more expensive, and has a larger capacity compared to a flat die pellet mill.

What is a PTO pellet mill?

PTO means "Power Take Off". A PTO pellet mill is a type of wood pellet mill maker that is not powered by an engine but is connected with and powered by a tractor. It is a small wood pellet machine designed for farm use. The pellets produced are mainly used as fuels for stoves, furnaces, and other heating equipment, as well as animal bedding and feed. A PTO pellet mill is convenient to use, has low energy consumption, has high efficiency, and with a competitive price!

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