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Start with choosing the heating option you need in wood pellet stove. Gas cooktops use LPG to create a fire that cooks the food. These gas options can come with gas ovens as well and are still the most popular option around the world because it does not require an electric connection and many recipes require an open flame that electric cooktops cannot provide. Electric kitchen stoves are gaining in popularity because of their safety features like not having an open flame. Induction stoves in particular offer the safest option because the induction range top does not heat up but rather specially made cookware heats up so there is no risk of injury to children who may place their hand on the electric stove top.

Other wood pellet stove options are also available. Multi fuel ranges allow use of multiple approved fuel sources. Additionally propane stoves are great portable options and used for outdoor events and camping. These propane burners work with small propane tanks that can be bought separately and available worldwide.

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