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Purchase from the range of wooden pins sold by the wholesalers at and provide your customers with a range of fun items that they can display on their clothing as a fashion statement, or in their home or business. Many of the items available, such as laser cut pins can be customized so that your range is also unique!

When selecting your wooden items from the wholesale options, you may want to consider the type of wood the products are made of, particularly oak vs pine wood options. Oak wood pins are stronger and less prone to scratching because oak trees are much slower to grow. Oak wood tends to be a great option if the product is intended for outdoor use, because it will be much more durable and is able to withstand exposure to extreme weather, such as rain or snow, much better. However, pine wood tends to be a cheaper alternative to oak and is therefore a good budget option. Many items within the wooden pin range are not actually made from wood but are instead made from durable metals such as tin or brass!

The range of wood pins on also includes other wooden items such as wood dowel pins, for providing support to joints in do-it-yourself projects, and wooden bowling pins for playing retro bowling games. Additionally, you can also find wooden clothespins, wooden pin brushes and wooden pin cushions in the range. All of these wooden items tend to be great options for customers who are eco-conscious as many suppliers create their products from sustainable, green sources.

Many of the suppliers at can produce custom wooden pins, including wooden shawl pins and wooden pine tree décor. Laser cutting means that suppliers can create wooden items in just about any shape and size, with customized printed text if required. This means that the possibilities are endless – from information signs through to wooden earrings! DIY kits can also be produced for customers to put the finishing touches on homemade pins as a fun hobby and leisure activity.