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The machine adopts double to cotton board and double licker-in, cylinder, doffer carding arrangement pattern which saving space, to maximized the effect of removing the dust, the coarse, the dander. -3- The dehaired wool can be collected though suction cage , ready for next flat carding. You can see the coarse wool falling out while the cashmere is kept on the rollers.

wool carding machine carding machine for wool Wool carding machine ca n m a ke p re ss e d, ea c h e n t a ng l e d f i b e r m a t er i a l l oos e n a nd re m ove im pu r iti e s. R a w m a t er i a l s f or a v ar i e t y of sp i nn i ng f i b er s, su c h a s c o tt on, woo l , c h e mi c a l s t a p l e f i b e r a nd c o tt on, li n e n, po l y e s t e r , ra gs, e t c . Mod e l C a p ac it y Mo t or W e i ght D im e ns i on JX40 100 - 200k g / h 3kw 220kg 1200*1000*1000 m m

Established in 2000 Located in Wangtai Town, Qingdao, China--- the most important production base of textile machinery. Covers an area of 12000 square meters More than 100 sets of specialized production equipment More than 200 staffs, among which there are over 30 technicians. Qingdao Yisun Trade Company was founded in 2015 Advantages 1) Direct Manufacturer 2) 15 years experience 3) Senior engineers 4) Customization

Whether long or short fiber cotton fiber cotton, cotton half silicon are suitable for this machine. 3.This machine can working with cotton/fiber filling machine, automatically filled to the pillow cushion products directly. The person only need to put raw material to carding machine convey belt, machine will feed automatically, carding and filling.

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Look for wool carding machine at Alibaba.com to set up a production line for a textile factory that will undoubtedly run efficiently. Browse a selection of different reliable models designed for high capacity at low prices. Shop for wool carding machine with high-quality parts that will run for a long time without the need for constant maintenance. Most are designed to work with a variety of unwoven fabric types, allowing for great versatility.

Certain wool carding machine are built for making specific garments, such as briefs and other underwear. Different voltage levels are available to make it easy to find one that can accommodate the intended facility. Every model can run automatically, speeding up production and reducing the amount of manual labor needed. Load capacity options are available for both small-scale factories and large commercial operations.

Buy wool carding machine at Alibaba.com and enjoy a device that is built for employee safety. Most suppliers are certified to meet the standards of many different countries across the globe. Get a machine with intuitive controls that are easy to learn without an excessive amount of training. Many models have different widths that the shopper can choose to meet specific levels of demand.

Look for wool carding machine at Alibaba.com when a quality device is needed to fit within a company's budget with ease. Purchase a unit for a small business or several for a major commercial facility. Find several wool carding machine that make it easy to fulfill a wide range of production goals.