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        Q: Some body help me with Yamaha R1?
A: Going by the years you specified , the CBR1000RR is the very best bicycle , but the Yamaha is the one you could personalize more . The CBR has its exhaust situate directly beneath the seats , cool lookay , not cool was endeavouring to add/customize things . I know our sport bicycles are n't made for freight , but the CBR deleted the small `` trunk space '' that we usually have . I believe if you like Yamaha , stay with what you already know/love ! I personally believe GSX-R and Ninja make better 1000 's , but I 'm biased because I 'm a Kawasaki guy . If you are a Yamaha man , stay Yamaha ! ! ! 

Q: What do you think about me getting a Yamaha Virago bike?
A: To be honest as a 14 year veteran rider and motorcycle tourer ... Have you ever ridden a Bike of such power & amp ; caliber before ? Yamaha R1 's regardless of what year are NEVER a beginners ' bicycle . A Stock R1 would make mincemeat out of a Highway Patrol Squad automobile , it would go 90MPH on firstly gear ! ! ! Just 's thinking that for a 2nd . You make an error with this bicycle & amp ; it would be the end of you , LITERALLY ! If the speeding of this sportsbike does not scare you . is also possible that 18 wheeler semi-truck lorry going around the corner with your name on it 's bumper will ! ! Try getting a beginner 's bicycle first like a Kawasaki Ninja 250R w/c 's more of a forgiving bikeand learn well on it . The 250R Ninjas goes 73 MPG & amp ; you could go 350 Miles FULL TANK from above of the gas tank to the reserves . And that 's one tonne of miles ! After you have been riding this 250CC bicycle for a whilst and you profited sufficient experience , THEN go to something larger like 500 or 600cc Bike.I would reserves the R1 after around 5 years of day-to-day street riding so that the waiting 're not solely specific but also By subsequently you are REALLY drawn up and you have enough tons of street creds and riding experience . Be safe out there and maintain the rubber side down ! 

Q: Does the Yamaha big bear 400 and the Yamaha warrior 350 have the same cam?
A: If the first is concerned to learning about the Yamaha Big Bear 400 the most suitableest place to go would be to the Yamaha website . The individual ( s ) could also go to their local Yamaha shop in their regions and the salespeople there could sharing a wealth of knowledge with them on this subject .