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        Q: How can i get a Yarn Machine in Harvest Moon Ds?
A: Shipping yarn rather than wool gives you a profits .   Small wool = 100 G , but few yarn = 300G  Medium wool = 400G but few yarn = 700G  Large wool = 500G but few yarn = 800G   http : //www.fogu.com/hm6/chan7/shippedite ...   You 'll also get a good prois consistent with cheese and milk ( you wo n't get as much profit making yogurt )   If you have n't yet gotten the stocking off Nina , you are able give her the yarn in Winter .  The stocking will then be placed in your house , for when Thomas comes over on Winter 25 . He 'll put in a random gem ( of small values , approximately 60-100G ) .  http : //www.fogu.com/hm6/chan6/festivals_ ... 

Q: How much does yarn cost 2012?
A: It is feasible to anything from free to several hundred dollars to finance a single skein , relying on the high quality of its yarn . An low-cost acrylic yarn from a discounting store could be had for are a few of $ a skein . A pleasant basic wool or alpaca would be about $ six per skein . More exotic fibres , like silk and cashmere will cost more . 

Q: Help with crocheting? (yarn gets tight)?
A: Almost all yarn is spun with an `` S '' twisting , which is the preferred twisting for knitting . Most crocheters will prefer `` Z '' twisting - but this is virtuallies inaccessible , at the very least commercially , so crocheters just use `` S '' twisting and the majority did not know there exists another options . A Z twisting yarn which would alcertainly have to be hand spun . I usage to is operating in a yarn shopping and have been knitting and crocheting for over thirty years and 've never see a commercial yarn with a Z twisting .   In addition to twist , yarns is also possible spun with two various fiber orientations : horizontal to the guidance of twisting ( `` woolen '' ) and parallel to the guidance of twisting ( `` worsted '' ) . I know that this is disorienting since there is also a yarn weighting called `` worsted '' which 've got nothing to do with spinning styling . Woolen yarn is meant for knitting and worsted is meant for weaving . Either is feasible to utilized for crochet , but with different effect . Woolen yarn ( most yarn you 'li 'm finding in a craft store or yarn shopping ) are generally softer , fluffier , warmer yarn . Worsted spun yarn are generally stiffer , stricter , and with a smoother surface . For crocheters , you would use woolen yarns for things like afghans and winter garment and a worsted spun yarn for things like table cloths and doilies .   Assuming you 're an average crocheter , you 'll are happy to with any of these four styles of yarn . If you are extraordinarily picky , you 'll learn to spin your own to get exactly what you want .   There are multiple other selected accessible in yarn including fibre contents and thickness ( called `` yarn weighting '' ) . Fiber choice is someoneal one . I like wool and other natural fibres . I like it much better than acrylic which makes my hands broke out in a rash . A small mohair or angora for additional softness and I 'm contents . Of course I also like cashmere and thereforeysilk . There is no one bestest fibre unless you 're asking me individual crocheters for their personal preference is , however wool is presumably the more universally useful and most utilized world broader .   Yarn weighed ranges from superfine to bulky . You choose the weighting of yarn you use on the basis project you have in mind . Superfine makes gossamer lace and bulky makes warm hats and scarves or sustainable rugs . The most usually usage yarn weighting is `` worsted weighting '' ( not to be disoriented with worsted spun ) . It is presumably the more versatile yarn .   I encourage beginners began to with either a worsted weighting acrylic or wool . I 'll push a bit towards the wool since it tend to be softer and make a nicer project - but this is also more expensive . Experienced crocheters will use whatever they like , and probably a wide range of different yarns .   For a pleasant acrylic , look for Dark Horse or possibly Caron . For a pleasant wool , look for Riverstone , Dream in Colors , or Cascade .