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Ligao is proffessional manufacturer of high quality dosing pump,rotor pump and Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump China. is a professional manufacturer of metering pumps with more than 12 years experience. Ligao pumps are widely used in different fields: mining industry, urban environment protection, petrochemical industry, food industry, water plants, pharmaceutical industry.

4 stroke diesel engine motor pump Specifications diesel engine 1.Compact and portable 2.High efficiency, low emission 3.OEM/ODM 4.Good quality and service Pictures Technacial Parameters Model YM170F(E) YM178F(E) YM186F(E) Type Single-cylinder, Vertical, 4-stroke, air-cooled, Direct-injection Bore x Stroke 70 x 55mm 78 x 62mm 86 x 70mm Displacement 211cc 296cc 406cc Engine speed 3000rpm 3600rpm 3000rpm 3600rpm 3000rpm 3600rpm Max. Output 3.8Hp 4.2Hp 5.5Hp 6Hp 8.6Hp 10Hp Continuous Output 3.4Hp 3.8Hp 5Hp 5.5Hp 7.8Hp 9Hp Starting system Recoil starter or Electric starter PTO Shaft Crankshaft or Camshaft (Camshaft PTO rpm is 1/2 of crankshaft rpm) Direction of Reveolution Clockwise (view from flywheel) Fule tank capacity 2.5L 3.5L 5.5L Lub. oil capacity 0.8L 1.1L 1.7L Net weight 27Kg 33Kg 48Kg Dimension 455 x 375 x 490mm 485 x 420 x 520mm 520 x 520 x 565mm

Sunny HG of HG0,HG1,HG2 hydraulic internal gear pump 1. Design of pressure compensation for axial and radial, to assure of high volumetric efficiency even working under low speed and viscocity 2. Amazing low noise, made of high strength cast iron and unique design for inner noise reduction 3. Extremly pulse of flow and pressure, and work firmly under low speed and still with stable output of flow and pressure 4. Design of high pressure, max. speed can reach 3000r/min 6. Can be coupled into double gear pump 7. Low sensitivity to oil pullution and assure of long service life 8 Completely interchangeable with original 9. Widely applicable for plastic machinery,shoe machine, casting machine,forklift and other machinery etc. 10. Very competitive price 11. 1 year of warranty 12. Short delivery time Models list as following: HG0-8-01R-VPC,HG0-10-01R-VPC,HG0-13-01R-VPC,HG0-16-01R-VPC,HG0-20-01R-VPC HG0-8-01R-VSC,HG0-10-01R-VSC,HG0-13-01R-VSC,HG0-16-01R-VSC,HG0-20-01R-VSC HG1-25-01R-VPC,HG1-32-01R-VPC,HG1-32-01R-VPC,HG1-40-01R-VPC,HG1-50-01R-VPC HG1-63-01R-VPC,HG1-25-01R-VSC,HG1-32-01R-VSC,HG1-32-01R-VSC,HG1-40-01R-VSC HG1-50-01R-VSC,HG1-63-01R-VSC,HG2-80-01R-VPC,HG2-100-01R-VPC,HG2-125-01R-VPC HG2-160-01R-VPC,HG2-80-01R-VSC,HG2-100-01R-VSC,HG2-125-01R-VSC,HG2-160-01R-VSC Real photos bought by the importer and manufacturer from Greece:

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Get ycc p3002. from Alibaba.com and snag amazing deals and offers all in one place. With a large catalog of products and top-notch services, it provides a unique shopping experience. The ycc p3002. are used for wrapping several items such as fabric, wire and paper into spools or reels. Companies often work with large spools of different materials.

Multiple types of ycc p3002. can be purchased at Alibaba.com at the convenience of one's home. Based on the type of package, there are flanged bobbin, cheese, cone, pirn and cone machines. Depending on the type of winding, there are precision as well as the non-precision types of machines. The latter results in more stable packages than the former. They're also divided into direct drive and indirect drive machines. Additionally, there are different types used depending on the type of yarn. For warp yarns, drum or cylinder types, upright spindle type machines are used. On the other hand, pirn and cop machines are used for weft yarn.

ycc p3002 have several helpful features that are the reason why these machines are used extensively. They have automatic splice initiation for clean cuts and improved quality, whereas roll changing features allow the operator to set maximum diameters. They often include sensors to keep track of the material and detect any web breaks. Once the maximum diameter is reached, the blade cuts the material cleanly and the actuated knife cut-off feature triggers this step.

Get the best ycc p3002. here with multiple payment modes and secure doorstep deliveries. These machines are used for a variety of electronic products such as transformers, resistors and motors. They are often used in paper and textile industries as well. For purchasing premium quality industrial products, Alibaba.com is where to find it.