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Zemic load cell

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About zemic load cell

Zemic load cells are sensors that detect force in weighing scales or force testing machines. When force is applied, the Zemic load cells convert the force or weight into electrical signals that computer devices can read and analyze. These load cells are reliable and durable, making them ideal for various industrial applications.

Types of Zemic load cells

There are different types of Zemic load cells designed to handle specific applications. Zemic strain gauges are the most popular because they are durable, accurate, and easy to use. Compression load cells measure pushing force in a straight line. They have a capacity range of 500 kg up to 800 tons, making them perfect for weighing applications in weighbridges or bunker scales. Single point load cells have one operating load cell and are mostly used in small to medium sizes scales like supermarket scales. S-types Zemic load cells have a unique S-shape design that measures compression and tension forces. These load cells are mostly used in cranes and truck scales. Tension load cells for Zemic measure tensile force along a single axis. They are mostly used in hoist systems. Shear beam load cells or bending load cells measure shear force and are ideal for hopper or tank weighing systems. Zemic load pins work well in applications that measure static and hoisting forces.

Analog vs. digital Zemic load cells

Zemic load cells are available in digital and analog models. The main difference between these two models is how the output signal is processed. Analog Zemic load cells rely on electrical current to send the readings. They provide continuous information proportion to the applied force in real-time. Analog load cells are ideal for applications that don’t require high accuracy. Digital load cells use microprocessors to provide a digital output. They send information multiple times per second in bits. Digital Zemic load cells are mostly used in complex applications that require accurate and precise measurements.