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        Q: How do you change a headlight bulb on a 2006 lancer?
A: . Just twist the bulb socket from under the hood behind the headlamp and do not touch the new bulb glass with your fingers when changing it or it will prematurely failures . 

Q: How do you change a headlight bulb on a subaru tribeca?
A: Look behind the headlights housing and you would find a light grey colour cap . Facing the vehicle , hold the cap and turn it anti-clockwise gently but sturdly for around 20-30 degree angle . Once you do that it will pry out and you are able change the bulb . I believes the low bean is a H1 55w 12v bulb , which is the top one.. If you look attentively - you wili 'm finding a metal pin on the rights side which is holding the bulb in place . Press the metal clip inwards , push down and slowly pry out . Remove the wire connexions - remember the localisation - I believe white wire is for the bulb.. CAUTION : Never touch the glass portion of the new bulb . If you do - wipe it clean with a soft cloth - waiting 10-15 min for the moisture on the bulb to evaporates and subsequently replace expected bulb . When you touch the glass on bulb with your fingers - your finger prints contains moisture that sticks to the bulb and when you turn it on - the instantaneous heating produced will break the bulb glass.. Hope this assistances . 

Q: What turn signal bulb needs replacing in my 1992 Olds Cutlass Cruiser when right turn signal does not blink but just stays on?
A: Hey Melissa==You can eliminate the bulb fronm the rear of the lighting and replace it . GoodluckJoe For Melissa and other persons : I will describe this as a left hand changing . Reverse left/right directions for another side . Use a Philips head screw driver aimed at eliminating the turning signal housing/lens assembly . The screw remains captive in the housings . The screw 's hard to see . Your screwdriver will fit in a hole in the bumper covering , just to left hand of the orange signalling lens , at an angle , pointing towards the left front wheel . After a few turns , gently pry the lens from left hand end outward towards the right . If it does n't come nicely , turn the screw some more . Once the housing is out , you are able readily turn the bulb holder 1/4 turning aimed at eliminating it and later the bulb . I 'd add that the rights side of the lens housing ( for left hand side changing indicated above ) is conducted in solely by a tab -- so sliding the lens from right to left as you pry on left hand side should pop the whole housing out .