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3018 Pro Cnc Machine

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Browse wholesale 3018 pro cnc machine and enjoy favorable price points at Alibaba.com. Here, you’ll find 3018 pro cnc machine from Chinese wholesalers that work on various materials. Choose the CO2 laser to make engravings and cuttings on wood, among other non-metallic materials. Or check out the fiber laser to make meaningful engravings and cuttings on metallic materials. Laser powers can range from 40w to 300w, while engraving and cutting speeds can go up to 2,000mm/s and 1,000mm/s or higher. Find your favorite laser engraving solution at Alibaba.com and start drawing logos, text, and graphics on various objects.

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Explore more wholesale 3018 pro cnc machine tools at Alibaba.com. Add a personal touch to all your projects. Find fitting solutions from Chinese wholesalers. Do you want to make logos, drawings, or writing on a variety of materials such as wood, then a 3018 pro cnc machine is just right for you. Most 3018 pro cnc machine that use CO2 lasers are designed to work on materials such as acrylic, plastic, clothe, glass, canvas, paper, bamboo, wood, ceramic, and other non-metal materials. For materials like metal, ceramic, glass, and marble, you can make engravings but cutting can be a considerable issue. But thanks to fiber laser solutions, you can now cut thin sheets of metal.

A 3018 pro cnc machine consists of a controller board, motor, laser head among other parts. Wholesalers from China make 3018 pro cnc machine that have protective covers. These covers allow you to observe the engraving process without exposing yourself to ultraviolet rays. Machines without a top cover have sealed-off laser tubes that protect the eyes.

Laser engraving tools vary in size. This size is determined by the engraving area, which can vary from 300 x 200mm to 1,300 x 900mm. Small 3018 pro cnc machine can weigh less than 10kg, while medium and larger ones weigh 30kgs, 90kgs, and 120kgs. These machines use either CO2 lasers or fiber lasers with laser powers of 40w to 300w. Engraving speed varies between 350mm/s to 2,000mm/s depending on the type of machine. Cutting speed is between 35mm/s and 1,000mm/s. Resolution is from 1,000DPI to 4,500DPI. Software is provided by the wholesaler along with the 3018 pro cnc machine. Plus, the machines are also compatible with third-party software such as LightBurn, and LaserGRBL. Check out Alibaba.com and choose a laser engraving tool that will appeal to you.