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80w Ceiling Speaker

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Looking for wholesale speaker systems specially designed for surround sound? At Alibaba, we supply subwoofers, tweeters, and center channel 80w ceiling speaker for a complete and immersive listening experience. Maybe your customers want a subwoofer to optimize those lower base notes, or perhaps its tweeters they are after, wanting to enhance the higher tones. No matter the type of sound your customer is after, whether it be groovy, brassy, or classical, Alibaba has an extensive stock of 80w ceiling speaker for customers to create their ideal customized sound.

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Trust Online Reviews about 80w ceiling speaker


2021-09-15 19:28:12


I received my order today, everything was exactly how it was described. I and very happy with this order and the supplier. Im not sure what her name is but the representative that helped to complete my order went above and beyond in helping me to correct my shipping selection. Im very impressed, will definately be ordering from this supplier again! Thanks for everything


2021-02-15 19:39:46


Super pleased! Cherry is a saleswoman that I give A plus, very attentive to the customer, respectful, she always attended me with exceptional kindness, her customer service is unmatched, the quality of the product is extremely good, I recommend her 100%. The super good shipment arrived very quickly.


2020-08-29 11:23:15


😃Only S6 is looked so poor battery performance after I received other as v-pro7,S5 & X2 could play until 5 to 8hrs ,but S6😢. no matter what I will increase my next order amount by 3 of those (convinced )


2020-10-26 01:45:26


The supplier is very friendly and helpful, their products are fine in quality and workmanship, we are sure to re-order again soon !


2020-07-11 05:12:03


i love my speakers for them to be that small. they have alot of bass and volume.


2022-01-10 01:06:22


items arrived in good time and of good quality. Will be ordering again


2021-10-13 04:46:46


Excellent response. I feel secure in doing business with you.


2021-12-26 03:36:57


Good quality Speaker and a nice small gift for someone


2021-05-29 12:42:18


Shipped out very fast. I am definitely buying again


2021-06-26 11:06:06


Smooth transaction, will love to do business again.

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Alibaba also supplies a range of state of the art smart 80w ceiling speaker. Choose a Bluetooth speaker for customers who value flexibility. With these 80w ceiling speaker, users can play music off their own devices, as well as their friends. They are ideal for parties, family events, or even the occasional fun night in. We also have portable Bluetooth 80w ceiling speaker for customers who want a practical slim speaker with them on the go.

We also have wholesale 80w ceiling speaker for a variety of purposes. For use outside of the house, choose from our range of wholesale portable and waterproof speakers. For those wanting a speaker to use in their car, then browse our collection of wholesale car speakers. If you are wanting wholesale 80w ceiling speaker for use inside the home, then opt for a ceiling or tower speaker. Our bookshelf speakers are also a handy device to fit beside the desk and can be plugged into computer devices for listening while working or studying. All of this and more, including wireless speakers, at Alibaba's online wholesalers.