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Anchor Bolt 20 Mm

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Explore our range of wholesale anchor bolt 20 mm designed for concrete masonry. Wedge anchors are a common choice widely used in concrete applications. These are suitable for heavy-duty use as the expansion clip wedges between the concrete structure and the anchor body. Both light-duty and heavy-duty fasteners are available among the types of anchor bolt 20 mm listed. The screw anchor is a common type of fastener used for lighter-duty applications. Wall fixtures can be better secured with screw anchors as they help prevent the screws from loosening and falling out.

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We offer wholesale anchor bolt 20 mm for secure fastening in both light-duty and heavy-duty applications. For masonry work, mechanical expansion anchors might be useful tools to add to one's arsenal. Double expansion anchors are fasteners that consist of metal inserts driven into a drilled hole and expanded tightly against the sides of the hole. These are suitable for concrete, masonry, or stone applications.

Hammer drive anchors are great for light-duty work and are easily installed by driving the pin into the anchor body with a hammer. This would expand the anchor and form a tight fit, effectively securing the structure. Such anchors would work well with more solid materials as they would not end up cracking or falling apart under the hammering.

Both mechanical and chemical anchors are useful products for companies in the construction or hardware business. Polyester chemical anchors are simple to use and can be applied to many different structures like handrails, awnings, pipelines, and staircases. Chemical anchors, also known as adhesive anchors, provide greater flexibility compared to mechanical anchors as they can be adjusted during installation, while mechanical anchors usually require pre-drilled holes made at a correct depth and angle. Chemical anchors can also fill imperfect or oversized drilled holes, and they are suitable for use in many base materials. Discover other types of wholesale anchor bolt 20 mm at!