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Wool and yarn-dyed cotton fabrics are beautiful and versatile materials. They make great patterns for interiors, home decoration, quilting, purses, and general clothing. Both best cotton fabrics and yarn-dyed fabrics, in general, are good alternatives for a lively, natural and colorful design. Owning their reputation to the dyeing method used, they are a staple of comfort and elegance. Find wholesale best cotton fabrics and other textile materials you need on Connect with wholesale suppliers all throughout the world for the yarn-dyed woven fabric you deserve.

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2021-05-16 01:55:31


I am really happy with the fabric and the samples. I've gotten great service and help from Doris that replies fast on all platforms incl. Whatsapp! I've been sourcing bamboo fabric from different manufacturers and Shaoxing Senboo Textile Co. has been the one with the best printing samples, best service, and fastest delivery times. I highly recommend working with this company. I, myself, will keep working with them as I go forward with producing dresses in bamboo spandex jersey. I love the 300gsm, it has great draping qualities and it's indestructible!


2021-07-06 00:39:04


Great to work with!! I have purchased from them many times. They are quick to respond, produce amazing quality fabric, and have helped me solve many issues. I will continue to keep working with them and would highly recommend them.


2021-06-05 07:50:37


this supplier was so helpful. the shipment ca d extremely fast. the product quality was what I expected. good material I will be ordering from them again.


2021-03-31 13:28:47


Best quality, fastest shipping and production time. Best company I have worked with in the textile printing industry. I would highly recommend.


2021-07-22 05:34:37


great best quality I still recommend really great I'm very happy fast delivery great 🤩 �� ��������


2021-04-10 05:41:14


The company is one good manufacturer .We like their good quality fabric . i hope our cooperation can keep forever .


2020-10-01 12:43:29


Very happy with quality of the product. I will order more in the future.


2021-07-15 01:29:28


Alex was very helpful and friendly. the fabric quality was wonderful.


2021-10-29 05:13:57


fantastic, I like them ,many new designs!good quality and service


2021-08-30 12:36:39


the cotton is soft and upon expectation. recommended

About products and suppliers:

Browse through an extensive list of products to find wholesale best cotton fabrics and much more. The yarn-dyed linen fabric differs from normal piece-dyed fabrics in one important way: the timing for the application of the dye. During the production process, a wool or cotton yarn dye is used for dyeing the threads. This process occurs before they are woven together to create yarn or cloth, giving the fabric a more vibrant and colorful look. The colored threads are then woven into a pattern or spun into yarn for general use.

With the right dying tools, you can make hand-dyed wool, cotton, best cotton fabrics, or even make a dyed polyester yarn. To begin with, you need to first understand the composition of the fibers that make the fabric you're going to use. Using natural materials such as cotton or wool for dyeing is easier and a simple water-based dye, in this case, is enough. On the other hand, synthetic materials such as polyester, require a stronger, less soluble dye that can penetrate the less absorptive surface of these fibers.

From clothing manufacturers to everyday consumers. They can all find wholesale best cotton fabrics and yarn-dyed fabric on Buy from international suppliers today!