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Does your business need a ready supply of bike handle bar bend products? Whether you operate an e-commerce business, specialist bike retail shop, repair shop, leisure and lifestyle business, guided bike tours business or a different form of sports and fitness firm, it's vital to access bike handle bar bend supplies when you need them. Domestic markets can experience supply challenges, which is one reason that Western firms are choosing Alibaba.com for access to ready and motivated Chinese wholesale providers.

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2021-11-02 03:14:24


Extremely Lightweight and Vibration-Dampening I amazed at how much weight I've shaven off my bike's frontal headtube area after installing this handlebar. The weight loss is dramatic and noticeable over my previous aluminum handlebar and I actually feel it while riding. Another major advantage of this titanium handlebar is it's vibration-absorping properties. I no longer feel the intense shocks I used to when I'm riding over rough surfaces or when I accidentally ride into a pothole. Of course my tires do most of the work but I can feel an obvious improvement in comfort with this handlebar. I would also like to commend the folks at Baoji Ninghao Industry for their customer service and prompt shipping. This item was shipped the next day (which I find thoroughly impressive) and I was given constant updates on the shipping status by the customer service representative. I received the item within 2-1/2 weeks.Overall I would recommend this company for their great products and service.


2021-07-02 06:12:50


very good supplier 😊😊😊 they communicate well thumbs up!! looking forward to my next purchase thank you , shop is highly recommended ♥ï¸�♥ï¸�♥ï¸�♥ï¸�


2021-06-13 01:01:38


I would like to compliment you on your diligence. Silicone Rubber PVC Bike Handle Grips Bicycle Handle Bar with Non-Slip Grip


2021-01-10 21:07:11


Good packaging, good product quality, color as shown in the picture, excellent matte handles. feel good,fast delivery


2021-08-13 07:48:49


thanks I am really satisfied about service and shipping on time and also good quality product.great company ��


2021-04-02 08:45:32


I am so happy with the service provided by this Suplier ( Kayla Bao ) you really make things happen.


2020-12-13 08:07:34


Well this is my 3rd order, and the seller never fail on shipping my order as fast as he can....


2021-10-28 19:55:45


Great job! I like the quality and the way how you guys doing business,very professional!


2020-09-22 19:22:22


Supplier was easy to deal with, provided accurate information and fair pricing


2021-05-21 18:51:48


Excelente Producto, Atención Entrega Rápida

About products and suppliers:

When your business needs fast access to bike handle bar bend supplies at the right prices, visit Alibaba.com. Demand for these products is higher than ever as people get outside and enjoy the healthy fitness lifestyle once again, but domestic markets have experienced supply delays and caused challenges for business customers. This means that sports supplies businesses have been looking elsewhere to secure the products that they need to operate.

At Alibaba.com it's easy to buy bike handle bar bend products in just a few clicks. Simply carry out your search for bike handle bar bend,using the category filters to specify different requirements. You'll see thousands of wholesaler listings, detailing prices, markets served, the scope of operations, and customer reviews so you can see exactly what other business customers like you thought of each supplier. When you're ready to make contact simply use the live chat or an email to access sales and service. Many wholesalers sell bike handle bar bend items off the shelf but some will also offer customization.

When you're ready to make your purchase you can do so in just a few clicks using the private account area of Alibaba.com. And when your order is live you will receive regular tracking updates so that you can see exactly when the shipping of your bike handle bar bend will be fulfilled. It couldn't be easier to find the business products that you need from motivated and experienced Chinese wholesalers when you shop online at Alibaba.com.