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Color Paint Maker Pen

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Browse for markers wholesale on Alibaba.com and enjoy favorable discounts. color paint maker pen are ideal for various uses including writing, drawing, painting, and calligraphy. You can use them on different surfaces, including skin, walls, whiteboards, clothes, and paper. These pens use different types of ink, including water, oil, and alcohol-based ink. You can buy them in sets ranging from 6 to 80 multi-colored pens per set. Some markers have dual tips. One tip is thinner, and the other one is broader. Writing nibs can be round or chisel-shaped, with sizes ranging from 0.7mm to 15mm. Order these color paint maker pen and enjoy lower prices.

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2021-10-12 23:58:25


I’m a avid adult colorist; and alcohol-based markers are my favorite medium when coloring. Because I needed more colors, I invested in the 204 colors of REMNANT markers and I truly love them! The markers came neatly packaged in a box; the markers were in a canvas bag also wrapped in a plastic bag. The markers were nice and tidy, no dirt or debris. I quickly made a color swatch sheet and all the markers were juicy and the colors brilliant. I LOVE IT! I also got a chance to color a page with the markers and they were smooth, not too wet and no bleeding over the lines! I don’t do a whole lot of reviews, but I had to do a positive review for this product because the markers are awesome and the REMNANT customer service is too! (I don't have the best camera - the colors are nice)


2021-02-21 03:53:45


very satisfied, everything is fast . arrangement was made on time, and delivery was as soon the goods ready. thank you


2020-09-11 19:05:23


Very careful packaging, added plastic bags, Dancy is also very professional, will solve a lot of problems for me,HAPPY


2020-09-28 18:37:15


very helpful. Order shipped out fast and customer service was lovely. I love doing business with this company


2022-01-05 02:59:07


excellent quality of goods, excellent postman. Thank you very much I will order more


2021-03-08 03:21:27


I am really very happy. The product meets my expectations. The seller is also great!


2020-10-29 13:02:35


This company is fabulous and are very helpful in getting my inventory to Amazon!


2022-03-26 06:14:08


добрый день. получили маркеры . очень довольны .продавца рекомендую


2020-10-23 05:43:16


awesome service and great quality pens- thank you will order again


2022-04-14 17:04:20


I'm very satisfied, good product and great supplier.

About products and suppliers:

Explore color paint maker pen wholesale on Alibaba.com for great varieties and competitive prices. Order pens in bulk and enjoy higher discount rates. color paint maker pen are ideal for writing, painting, calligraphy, and drawing. Both children and adults can use them for artistic illustrations. Doctors can use skin markers to mark a patient’s body before surgery. Markers can write on different surfaces such as walls, skins, and clothes. You can choose between erasable and permanent markers.

color paint maker pen use a fiber writing tip made of polyester silk, acrylic, among other materials. The marker pen cases are usually plastic, but others have aluminum cases. Some have dual writing nibs. One end has a sharp point, which is ideal for making thin lines. And the other end has a wide tip for painting and drawing broad lines. Both ends of the same pen use the same color. You can also choose thinner or broader writing nibs starting from 0.7mm to 15mm. These nibs can be round or chisel-shaped. They use oil, water, or alcohol-based ink, either dry-erasable or wet-erasable.

Apart from art drawing pens, you can also find whiteboard pens used in schools. Others include beauty pens for eyebrow painting and tattoo drawing. color paint maker pen are sold in sets in a plastic storage container. Each package contains 6 to 80 pens with multiple colors. Buy these color paint maker pen from Chinese wholesalers at a friendly price. Check out prices and other varieties on Alibaba.com.